The Halo Dragons is a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unknown origins and Founding which played an instrumental role in containing the Tau's Third Sphere Expansion during the Zeist Campaign of 999.M41. Little else is known about this Chapter in current Imperial records.

Chapter HistoryEdit

Halo Dragons Astartes

Halo Dragons Chapter Colour Scheme

Notable CampaignsEdit

  • Zeist Campaign (999.M41) - The Halo Dragons heeded the call of the Lord of Macragge, Marneus Calgar, the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, who led the Imperial forces tasked with containing the Tau expansion in the Eastern Fringes of the galaxy during the Zeist Campaign in 999.M41. The Halo Dragons contributed at least one Tactical Squad that was instrumental in the successful assault and liberation of the world of Augura, which had served as a primary forward base of operations for the Tau Empire's forces during its Third Sphere Expansion.

Chapter AppearanceEdit

Chapter ColoursEdit

The Halo Dragons primarily wear ebon Power Armour. The red squad specialty symbol -- Tactical, Assault, Devastator or Veteran -- is located on the right shoulder plate. A white Roman numeral is centred on the squad specialty symbol, indicating squad number. The colour of the Aquila or Imperialis on the chest plate indicates company number in accordance to the Codex Astartes -- i.e. White (1st Company), Yellow (2nd Company), Red (3rd Company), Green (4th Company), etc.

Chapter BadgeEdit

The Halo Dragons' Chapter badge is a stylised red dragon, its leathery wings displayed and inverted, a beaming halo above its head, centred on a field of sable.


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