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A Tyranid Harpy

A Harpy is a flying bioform of Tyranid. Larger and more powerful than their closely-related bioform the Gargoyle, Harpies are roughly comparable to an aerial Trygon. Harpies have a sinuous, snakelike body, with a broad head covered in organic armor. A pair of very large, leathery wings give them flight, and enable them to outmaneuver many aircraft.

Harpies, like all Tyranids, can appear with essentially any weapon on them, dictated by the needs of the Hive Fleet. However, the 'standard' armament, naturally included on all Harpies, is composed of bulging cysts on its body, which can drop Spore Mines on the ground below. Its cry is almost as powerful a psychological weapon, the effects of which can range from simple disorientation, to extreme pain, to even death.

Harpies, due to their low survivability in battles, prefer to launch hit-and-run attacks against targets, or else massacre a hopelessly outclassed opponent. This multiplies their usefulness enormously, as they can be quite a frustration to the opposition, but don't last long in direct combat.

When a Harpy descends upon the enemy, it can shred the opposition with its huge claws or launch cluster spines. Whilst in the air, they house dozens of Gargoyles that cling to their underside, who then leave their "mother" to go and bombard the enemy with Bio-Plasma and Borer Beetles.


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