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The Havoc-class Merchant Raider is a heavy Raider whose origins date back to before the reconquest of the Calixis Sector. A typical Havoc has fast engines, sizeable cargo space, and a battery strength to rival many Frigates. However, its armour is relatively weak, meaning that these "glass cannons" have a hard time going toe-to-toe with a comparable truly naval-grade warship.


  • Hull: Raider
  • Class: Havoc-class
  • Dimensions: Approximately 1.6 kilometres, 0.4 kilometres abeam.
  • Mass: Approximately 6 megatonnes.
  • Crew: Approximately 24,000 crew.
  • Acceleration: 5 Gravities maximum sustainable acceleration.


  • Rogue Trader: Core Rulebook (RPG), pg. 195

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