A Helfrost Pistol of the Space Wolves Chapter

A Helfrost Pistol is the smallest, man-portable version of the specialised Helfrost Weapons deployed solely by the Space Wolves Space Marine Chapter. Powered by rare crystals found only in the most remote corners of the Fenrisian wilds, Helfrost Pistols project a short-range but devastatingly effective beam of sub-zero energy at its target. The beam removes all heat energy from the foe, reducing its ambient temperature to near absolute zero, colder than the vacuum of space. Flesh hit by the beam blackens with catastrophic frostbite, armour and weapons buckle and crack and soon enough, unless the victim can fight their way free, they are entombed forever as a withered mummy in a jagged block of ice.

See AlsoEdit


  • Codex: Space Wolves (7th Edition) (Digital Edition), pp. 209-210
  • White Dwarf 106 (2016) - "Wargear of the Fang"

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