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Hellslicer Battle Claws

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A Hellslicer Battle Claw of the Slaanesh Subjugator Daemon Engine

Hellslicer Battle Claws, more commonly just called Hellslicers, are large, pincer-like claws that are used as the main close combat weapons of the Slaanesh Subjugator Daemon Engine. The Slaanesh Subjugator is a large Daemon Engine that is completely dedicated to the service of Slaanesh, the Chaos God of pleasure and excess. The Hellslicers are used in pairs as the war machine's main close combat weapons, one mounted on each side of its chassis, located at the ends of its long arms. Its Hellslicers have the ability to rip apart a foe many times the Subjugator's own size. The Subjugator embodies the very essence of Slaanesh; being lithe, incredibly swift, and fully able to move quickly and still use its weapons. This allows the daemonic machine to quickly close the space between it and its foe, and once it reaches it target it attack with its Sonic Weapons to stun and disorient it opponent, then deliver the killing blows with its Hellslicers while letting out howls of elation as the foe is destroyed in exquisite agony.


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