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High-yield missile pod

A High-yield Missile Pod and its standard Tau missile loadout

A High-yield Missile Pod is a relatively simple Tau multiple missile delivery system able to engage targets at long range that is used exclusively by XV88 Broadside Battlesuits. Similar in power and role to an Imperial Autocannon, a High-yield Missile Pod is essentially a larger and more rapidly-firing Missile Pod that consists of a silo of semi-intelligent missiles. These missiles are extremely effective against both heavy infantry and light vehicles. XV88 Broadside Battlesuits wield twin-linked High-yield Missile Pods as alternative primary weapon systems to Heavy Rail Rifles.

High-yield Missile Pods were developed during the Tau Empire’s Great War of Confederation after initial setbacks were encountered fighting the Ork menace, where the sheer mass of attacking Greenskin waves and the light nature of their vehicles meant that the Heavy Rail Rifle, although deadly, could not stem the overwhelming tide of attackers. By arming XV88s with High-yield Missile Pods, the Battlesuits sacrificed range and damage for the ability to lay down faster barrages that proved more than adequate in destroying the crude scrap-armoured Ork vehicles.


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