Female Harlequin Player Midnight Sorrow

A female Harlequin Player wearing a Holo-Suit

A Holo-Suit (or dathedi -- meaning "between colours," in the Eldar Lexicon) is the trademark psychically activated bodysuit worn exclusively by the enigmatic Eldar Harlequins in place of the thick armour plates used by less advanced races. In battle, these Holo-Suits transform the Harlequins into dazzling blurs, their outlines exploding into blizzards of light that leave the foe's aim confounded and their thoughts bewildered. The device incorporates a programmable Holo-Field that breaks down the wearer's profile into a fractal lightstorm as they move; the faster they travel, the more pronounced the effect. So it is that a charging Harlequin appears as nothing more than an indistinct, prismatic storm that is nigh-on impossible to hit, allowing them to simply avoid blows that would otherwise lay them low. When a Harlequin Player stops moving his image coalesces back together into a solid image like the pieces of a jigsaw. It is for this reason that Holo-Suits are also known as a "jigsaw" or "domino fields". When the Harlequin stops moving the suit mimics the nearby terrain so that he seems to phase out of view.


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