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The Horus Heresy: Primarchs is a collection of novellas created by some of the Black Library's best-known authors and artists. It chronicles the histories of the 18 Primarchs both before and during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy. The series began publication in May 2016, starting with Roboute Guilliman. The novels will first release as limited edition hardbacks and only on The series is projected to last for 4 years.


The following is a list of the current and upcoming titles in the main Horus Heresy: Primarchs series:

Series Number Title Author
1 Roboute Guilliman - Lord of Ultramar David Annandale
2 Leman Russ - The Great Wolf Chris Wraight
3 Magnus the Red - Master of Prospero Graham McNeill
4 Perturabo - The Hammer of Olympia Guy Haley
5 Lorgar - Bearer of the Word Gav Thorpe
6 Fulgrim - The Palatine Phoenix Josh Reynolds
7 Ferrus Manus - The Gorgon of Medusa David Guymer


Official Synopsis for all books are as follows:

Roboute Guilliman - Lord of Ultramar
1. Roboute Guilliman - Lord of Ultramar

The first book in The Primarchs, Roboute Guilliman - Lord of Ultramar is written by David Annandale and contains information on Roboute Guilliman and the Ultramarines Legion. Long before the coming of the Imperium, the realm of Ultramar was ruled by Roboute Guilliman, the last Battle King of Macragge. Even after learning of his true heritage as a Primarch son of the Emperor of Mankind, he strove to expand his domain as efficiently and benevolently as possible, with the XIII Legion Ultramarines as his alone to command. Now, facing a rival empire on the Ork-held world of Thoas, Guilliman must choose his weapons carefully – otherwise his dream of a brighter future could be lost forever...

Leman Russ - The Great Wolf
2. Leman Russ - The Great Wolf

The second book in The Primarchs, Leman Russ - The Great Wolf is written by Chris Wraight and contains information on Leman Russ and the Space Wolves Legion. Many are the sagas of Leman Russ, Lord of Winter and War, most fearsome of the Emperor's Primarch sons. At the height of the Great Crusade, his Space Wolves fight to bring the rebel world of Dulan to Compliance. Enraged by the defiance of the tyrant Durath, Russ has pledged to strike him down personally but his brother Lion El'Jonson, Primarch of the Dark Angels Legion, advises more caution. With the might of two Legions arrayed against Durath, tensions nevertheless run high, and the rivalry between the Wolf and the Lion threatens to engulf them all.

3. Magnus the Red - The Master of Prospero

The third book in The Primarchs, Magnus the Red - The Master of Prospero is written by Graham McNeill and contains information on Magnus the Red and the Thousand Sons Legion. Lord of the mystical and uncanny, Magnus the Red has long studied the ancient crafts of sorcery. A Psyker without peer, save only for the Emperor himself, he commands his loyal followers of the Thousand Sons Legion in the Great Crusade, always vigilant for any lost knowledge they might recover from the remains of dead human civilisations. Now, fighting alongside his brother Perturabo of the Iron Warriors Legion, Magnus begins to foresee an approaching nexus of fate. Will he remain true to their mutual aims, or divert his own efforts towards furthering his own mastery of the warp? Book cover currently not finalized.

Perturabo - The Hammer of Olympia
4. Perturabo - The Hammer of Olympia

The fourth book in The Primarchs Series, Perturabo - The Hammer of Olympia is written by Guy Haley. Born to a life of political conflict, Perturabo was always considered a child prodigy among the people of Olympia – indeed, his philosophical and scientific works were beyond compare. But then, after his rediscovery by the Emperor and decades of thankless military campaigning on the Great Crusade, the Primarch begins to resent his Legion’s place in the Imperium. When word reaches him of turmoil on his adoptive home world, he orders the Iron Warriors to abandon their campaign against the xenos Hrud and crush this emerging rebellion by any means necessary...

5. Lorgar - Bearer of the Word

The fifth book in The Primarchs Series, Lorgar - Bearer of the Word is written by Gav Thorpe. On the world of Colchis, mighty religions rule a decaying society in the name of absent gods – until the arrival of Lorgar. Primarch, prophet, leader of destiny, the "Golden One" is raised by Kor Phaeron, priest of the Covenant, to be his weapon in a quest for power. As religious war spreads across the planet, spearheaded by the Brotherhood of Lorgar, the Primarch is plagued by visions of the future and the coming of the Emperor. To find his place in this new order, he must reach balance between the teachings of his adopted father Kor Phaeron, and the fate that he knows awaits him among the stars.

Fulgrim - The Palatine Phoenix
6. Fulgrim - The Palatine Phoenix

The sixth book in The Primarchs Series, Fulgrim - The Palatine Phoenix is written by Josh Reynolds. Lord of Chemos and bearer of the Palatine Aquila, Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperor's Children, is determined to take his rightful place in the Great Crusade, whatever the cost. A swordsman without equal, the Phoenician has long studied the art of war and grows impatient to put his skills, and those of his loyal followers, to a true test. Now, accompanied by only seven of his finest warriors, he seeks to bring a rebellious world into compliance, by any means necessary. But Fulgrim soon learns that no victory come without cost, and the greater the triumph, the greater the price one must pay...

Ferrus Manus - The Gorgon of Medusa
7. Ferrus Manus - The Gorgon of Medusa

The seventh book in The Primarchs Series, Ferrus Manus - The Gorgon of Medusa is written by David Guymer. Ferrus Manus, Primarch of the Iron Hands, employs his brutal methods of war to bring a world to heel in the Emperor's name. The Great Crusade has swept across half the galaxy, a million human worlds now embracing the truth and reason that comes with allegiance to the rule of Terra. But even such unparalleled success comes at a cost. Rumours abound that the Emperor plans to step back from the Crusade and raise one of his primarch sons to lead in his stead. Faced with the bitterly non-compliant human empire of Gardinaal and a leaderless host of Ultramarines, Thousand Sons and Emperor's Children at his Legion’s command, the Iron Hands Primarch Ferrus Manus decides to make an example that even the Emperor cannot ignore.


Up until the release of the Horus Heresy: Primarchs series all of the cover art for the Horus Heresy Series was done by Black Library artist Neil Roberts, with the single exception of Book 2 of the series, False Gods, which was painted by artist Phil Sibbering. The Horus Heresy: Primarchs series have so far all been painted by artist Mikhail Savier.

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