House Mortan is a Loyalist Imperial Knight House that has strong ties to the Imperium of Man. The antecedents of House Mortan settled the inhospitable world of Kimdaria, the Black Planet, during the early stages of the Age of Strife. Despite the inherent dangers of this Death World, the Knights of House Mortan held back the tides of fell creatures that stalked the planet's darkened landscape, eventually colonising the planet. Kimdaria was only rediscovered in late M35 by Mankind. Due to the millennia of constant patrols to keep the forests clear of predatory behemoths, the Knights of House Mortan have come to place great value upon close combat. Recently, House Mortan fought alongside Houses Althalos and Thalmus, saving more than 100 billion lives by defending the Hive World of Hexis Alpha when a Warp rift spawned a tide of Daemons across the planet.

House HistoryEdit

Knight Gallant War Strider

House Mortan Imperial Knight Colour Scheme

During the early stages of the Age of Strife, Kimdaria, the Black Planet, was not a place any sane human would have chosen to settle. Yet that was where the antecedents of House Mortan had been sent. Against that world of darkness and fell creatures they strove, the power of their Knights alone holding back the tides of beasts that stalked that nightmare landscape, and they eventually colonised the planet. For millennia after the Great Crusade the Black Pall lingered over Kimdaria and its star system -- not until late M35 did the mysterious black nebula partially dissipate, letting in a few slanting rays of sunshine and also allowing the long lost planet to be rediscovered by Mankind. What they found was a stern and ritualistically ordered world, a place where only towering walls held off the monster-haunted darkness. From out of heavy gates strode the Knights of House Mortan, for only constant patrols kept the twisted forests clear of hulking, predatory behemoths. In response to the thick cover and eternal twilight, the Knights of House Mortan placed a premium upon close combat -- a tendency that holds to this day. The grim, angst-ridden Nobles expect all battles will eventually come down to murderous work with their roaring Reaper Chainswords and pulsating Thunderstrike Gauntlets; indeed, this is just how the fierce and taciturn warriors want it.

Notable CampaignsEdit

  • Defence of Hexis Alpha (Unknown Date.M41) - Along with the Knights of House Althalos and House Thalmus, House Mortan came to the aid of the Hive World Hexis Alpha, when a Warp rift spawned a tide of Daemons across its surface. More than 100 billion lives were saved, due to their successful efforts in defending the Hive World from the Daemons.

Notable House Mortan KnightsEdit

Notable House Mortan PersonnelEdit

  • Sir Gerrolt - Sir Gerrolt is the current High King of House Mortan. Despite the bold heraldry of his Knight Warden, Pride of Blackcrag, Sir Gerrolt is dour, even by the standards of his house. Perhaps part of the reason can be traced to the Throne Mechanicum Gerrolt bonded with centuries ago -- tragedy and loss haunt this ancient artefact the way fell beasts lurk within the dark forests of Kimdaria. The motto of House Mortan has long been "In war, show no mercy", a grim phrase for a grim warrior people, and whatever dark whispers might fill Sir Gerrolt's mind, such things are forgotten in the savage joys of battle. Blasting rockets into the distance, blazing away with his Avenger Gatling Cannon and smiting foes with his Thunderstrike Gauntlet, Gerrolt steers the Pride of Blackcrag into the thick of the fighting, slaughtering all that fall in its shadow.
  • Sir Dirkwald - Sir Dirkwald recently completed his thousandth watch-patrol on Kimdaria, allowing the Noble to serve off-planet.
  • Sir Ludwig - Sir Ludwig is a long-serving war hero of House Mortan. His Knight Gallant, War Strider, bears a banded weapon, denoting a dozen Titan-class kills.

House AppearanceEdit

House ColoursEdit

The colours of House Mortan are black, red and yellow.

House ArmsEdit

Darksome like the house it represents, the House Mortan crest bears a stylised tusk-boar, one of the fierce creatures of Kimdaria, and a half-Aquila representing the Imperium.

Livery and Honour MarkingsEdit

Mortan adopted red as the sign of their allegiance to the Imperium, and so carry this shade and the associated Aquila on their suits' minor plates. Like many knightly houses, all members of this family have broadly similar personal heraldry. In House Mortan, the ranks of the Exalted Court are marked in yellow bands; the lone stripe upon Gerrolt's Knight proclaims him as the High King. Those who are long-serving war heroes within the ranks of House Mortan, are displayed on a banded weapon, which denotes the number of Titan-class kills to their credit.


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