Knight Paladin Sketch

A Knight Paladin

House Nero was a Loyalist Imperial Knight House of the Imperium. There is very little information in Imperial records about this Knight House, as the Knight House was destroyed in the mid-32nd millenium.

House HistoryEdit

Notable CampaignsEdit

  • Defiance on Vorinth (544.M32) - An Ork WAAAGH! of unprecedented scale sweeps into Imperial space. Hundreds of worlds are devastated before the Ork menace is finally defeated. Lying directly in the path of the enormous greenskin armada, the Knight world of Vorinth is one of the first planets to fall. Though they fight bravely, the Knights of Houses Illius and Nero are impossibly outnumbered and die to the last in combat with the all-conquering Orks. With the main greenskin host advancing on Adamant Keep -- the stronghold of House Illius -- the surviving Knights of both houses gather for one last charge. The Orks are totally unprepared for the sudden ferocity of the Knights' counter-attack and suffer heavy losses as the battle cannons of the Knight Paladins blast smoking holes in the Ork lines. The Knights Errant take advantage of the stalling Ork assault to crash into their crude vehicle squadrons and carve them to ruin. Only when a mob of twenty Stompas rampages into the fray are the Knights finally overwhelmed. Twice, the solemn tolling of the Bell of Lost Souls is heard as Terra mourns the passing of the rulers of Houses Illius and Nero.

Notable KnightsEdit

None listed in current Imperial records.

Notable PersonnelEdit

None listed in current Imperial records.

House AppearanceEdit

House ColoursEdit

The colours of House Nero are not listed in current Imperial records.

House ArmsEdit

The arms of House Nero are not listed in current Imperial records.


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