Hunter's Moon is the twentieth audio drama for the Horus Heresy Series that was not originally released as part of an anthology or other release. Hunter's Moon was published online in January 2014 by the Black Library as an audio CD that included the audio drama Thief of Revelations. The title was also published as part of the Legacies of Betrayal main series anthology novel and again as a part of The Razing of Prospero omnibus.

Official SynopsisEdit

As sanctioned executioners, the Wolves of Fenris were tasked with rooting out treachery at the heart of the Legions... but would they be capable of carrying out a death sentence upon one of the Emperor's own sons? Now, a stolen Alpha Legion dropship crashes on the primitive oceanic world of Pelago, bringing news of a terrible war that has erupted out among the stars. Will the pursuing Traitors, thirsty for vengeance, reach the lone survivor before his own Battle-Brothers can?


  • Hunter's Moon (Audio Drama) by Guy Haley