An Ice World is not an official Imperial planetological classification, but is a term in common usage among Imperial citizens for those planets whose environments are frigid and glacier-covered across their entire surfaces. Since the term "Ice World" is not an official Imperial classification of the Administratum but simply a label used to describe the planet's predominant environmental feature, most Ice Worlds that have been settled by Mankind are officially classified as Civilised Worlds, Feral Worlds or even Death Worlds if the environmental conditions are hostile enough to human life. Ice Worlds often produce hardy peoples superbly adapted to combat in below-freezing conditions and so become prime recruiting grounds for the Imperial Guard when it needs cold-adapted regiments.

Notable Ice WorldsEdit

Planet Name Segmentum Sector Sub-Sector System Population
Betalis III Segmentum Solar Talis Munus Sector Caerulus-Primaris Sub-Sector Betalis System 62,000,000
Beroghast Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Carcharias Unknown Unknown Unknown Carcharias System Unknown
Chosin Segmentum Solar Armageddon Sector Armageddon Sub-sector Armageddon System Unknown
Klaihn Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Lorn V Unknown Unknown Unknown Lorn System Unknown
Nusquam Fundumentibus Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Schrödinger VII Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Simia Orichalcae Unknown Unknown Unknown Simia Orichalcae System Unknown
Valhalla Ultima Segmentum Unknown Unknown Valhallan System Unknown
Winterhome IX Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zoran Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


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