"We live in peace and pretend at it. But in truth there are always wars, thundering unseen around us, just beyond the curve of our sight. The greatest foolishness is that no man wishes to know the truth, his is happy to live his life as silent guns cut the sky above his head."
— Ignance Karkasy

Ignace Karkasy was a Remembrancer of the XVIth Legion's 63rd Expeditionary Fleet during the Great Crusade. Karkasy was not the most upstanding of men, and was known for his acerbic nature and love of drink, but his poetry also stood out for always telling the truth as Karkasy saw it, a trait that earned him the respect and protection of of the Luna Wolves Legion Captain Garviel Loken. Following the pacification of the world designated Sixty-Three-Nineteen, Karkasy was amongst the first Remembrancers allowed into a Legiones Astartes warzone. He cared little for the stratagems of Imperium and the ongoing Great Crusade or its plans to reform the conquered planet's culture. Eventually he found himself wandering into the ruined capital city to find a muse to write about. Following his return to the Sons of Horus' flagship Vengeful Spirit, Karkasy composed some inspiring new poetic verses based on the deviant graffiti that he had come across. He was later accosted and nearly beaten to death by Imperial Army personnel after they overheard Karkasay's subversive comments that the Imperium would not endure the millennia that would come to pass. He was saved by Captain Loken, who intervened on his behalf. Following this incident, he was soon destined to be shipped back to Terra, but was spared this fate after Loken, once again, intervened on his behalf and became his sponsor. It was the Captain's personal belief that the expeditionary fleet needed an individual like Karkasy, for he always told the truth, no matter how ugly.

Abaddon, the First Captain, ran into Karkasy on multiple occasions, such as when the poet saw the Warrior Lodge coin passed between the First Captain and Erebus of the Word Bearers, when they shook hands at the end of Horus' speech on Davin. This occurred just before the assault by the newly-redubbed Sons of Horus Legion on the renegade Planetary Governor Eugen Temba and his renegade Imperial Army regiment located on Davin's moon. Following this action, Loken often found himself interposing himself between Karkasy and his fellow Sons of Horus many times, especially after he wrote his inflammatory work, "The Truth Is All We Have." This controversial work condemned the acts of both Loken and his fellow Mournival following their careless actions after they brought their dying Primarch Horus aboard the flagship after he was mortally wounded by the mysterious Anathame sword of the corrupted Eugene Temba. In their desperation to save their Primarch, they accidentally trampled 27 civilians to death on their way to the ship's Apothecarion. The unwitting victims had gathered aboard the flagship to catch a glimpse of the fallen Warmaster when he was brought aboard. Due to the horrific nature of this incident, Karkasy began to print newsletters warning of the hypocrisy of the Legionaries' actions. This angered many within the XVI Legion.

Ignace Karkasy would ultimately meet his fate at the hands Maggard, the mute bodyguard of Petronella Vivar (Horus' personal Remembrancer), who was sent to silence him by the increasingly paranoid Horus, because of Karkasy's subversive ideas and controversial writings. Maggard, which Horus had made a new civilian enforcer, sent him under the guise of handing him a note; the note was in actuality a forged suicide note, and shortly after reading it Karkasy was shot in the head by Maggard's Bolt Pistol. Maggard then planted the weapon in the dead man's grip to give credence to his suicide. His remains were found shortly after by his close friends among the Remembrancers, Mersadie Oliton, and Primary Iterator Kyril Sindermann.


  • Galaxy in Flames (Novel) by Ben Counter
  • False Gods (Novel) by Graham McNeill
  • Horus Rising (Novel) by Dan Abnett
  • ​Nemesis ​(Novel) by James Swallow

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