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Imperial Eagles
Collegia Titanica War Glyph

"Let the enemies of the Emperor beware!"






Imperium of Man



Loyalist Titan2

A Loyalist Titan

The Imperial Eagles are a Loyalist Titan Legion of the Collegia Titanica, one of the military arms of the Adeptus Mechanicus. There is very little information in Imperial records about this obscure Titan Legion, including when they were founded or what world they hail from. The Legion's current status remains unknown.

Legion HistoryEdit

Notable CampaignsEdit

None listed in current Imperial records.

Notable TitansEdit

None listed in current Imperial records.

Notable PersonnelEdit

  • Grand Master Augrim

Legion AppearanceEdit

Legion ColoursEdit

This Titan Legion's colours are not listed in current Imperial records.

Legion BadgeEdit

The badge of the Imperial Eagles is not listed in current Imperial records.


  • Adeptus Titanicus (1st Edition), pp. 3, 43

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