A Joppal is a certain class of citizen that is found in the Imperium of Man. This is the slang term in Low Gothic given to those people who have been sentenced to death for crimes against the Imperium, many of whom are awaiting their sentences within Imperial prisons. One of the few ways for Imperial prisoners with a death mark against them to find redemption in the eyes of the Emperor of Mankind is to volunteer to join the so-called "Joppal" squadrons maintained by many of the Astra Militarum regiments that have been stationed on the Imperium's border worlds.

Unlike the Penal Legions maintained as separate regiments of the Imperial Guard, Joppal soldiers are always drawn from prisoners who face a death sentence and are usually incorporated into regiments where the majority of troops are conscripts rather than convicts seeking to shorten their sentences. Joppal troops are often tasked by their regiment with the most difficult missions, including those often deemed to be "suicide missions" where the chances for success are considered slim and casualties will likely be high. Since the Joppal were already sentenced to death they are always held to be expendable by Imperial commanders. Any Joppal who has survived three individual high-risk missions or military campaigns, regardless of the strategic or tactical outcome for the Imperium, is considered to have made good his or her debt to the Emperor and is granted a full pardon for their crimes.


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