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"In time the ranks of the 6th Legion, swelled to a great host. And many bore the Mark [FRAGMENT MISSING]. And so Russ banded them all into one Great Company. And to Bloodfang fell the honour of leading them to laurels and glory, in the name of Russ and the All-Father. Bloodfang named [FRAGMENT MISSING] Grail; Orkbane; Sigurd; Thorbrand and Grafeld. To each a retinue was granted, and as a band of brothers the 13th Great Company reaved across the stars. Neither Xenite, nor Apostate, nor Fiend could stand before [FRAGMENT MISSING] the Were was upon them. But at the Gates of [FRAGMENT MISSING] did Bloodfang rage, and plunge headlong into [FRAGMENT MISSING]. Neither Kin nor Master could restrain him, and beyond the Gates did the Wulfen-kind pass. At Asaheim the Wolves did cry for one hundred nights, mourning the passage of their kin."
— From the Saga of Jorin Bloodfang
Wulfen Sigil

The sigil of the Space Wolves 13th Great Company

Jorin Bloodfang is said to be the Wolf Lord of the Space Wolves Chapter's lost 13th Great Company. Ancient contradictory accounts state that is was Bloodfang who led the fabled 13th Great Company -- given command by none other than the Primarch, Leman Russ himself. Whether or not this is fact, the truth remains unknown due to the passage of time, missing lore and and contradictory accounts. Though Jorin Bloodfang may well be a Wolf Lord of the 13th Great Company, it is unknown whether or not he is the senior Wolf Lord, and therefore the true leader of this Great Company.


  • Runic Armour
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Master-Crafted Frost Axe
  • Frag Grenades & Krak Grenades
  • Melta Bombs
  • Wolf Pelt - Fenrisian Wolves are renowned across the galaxy for their viciousness. They are respected creatures, and greatly entwined with Space Wolf beliefs. Unarmed hunting rituals exist on Fenris to prove a warrior's prowess. Should a Battle-Brother succeed on such a hunt, he typically displays the pelt of the animal thereafter.
  • The Wulfen Stone - This ancient gem was found by Wolf Lord Jorin Bloodfang on an Eldar Crone World during the 13th Great Company's sojourn in the Eye of Terror. It was worked into Jorin's suit of Power Armour by Fengri, the great Artificer and one of the Company's few surviving Iron Priests. Within its murky depths lies the raging image of the Were, the Wulfen monster of Fenris that lies coiled within the gene-helix of every Space Wolf. The Wulfen Stone has the unusual property of amplifying a bearer's Wulfen rage to far beyond that of the rest of their kin. Its horror can be borne by few creatures and as a result, most foes will break and run in absolute terror before the fell creature before them. This dire relic is one of the Space Wolves' greatest treasures.

Canon ConflictEdit

The character named Bulveye may not be the actual ranking Wolf Lord of the 13th Great Company, as he only appears in William King's novels, which are not fully accepted as canon (and clash with the current depiction of the Vlka Fenryka in recent Black Library novels). It may be the case, however, that due to their extended great hunt in the Eye of Terror the 13th Great Company became fragmented to the degree that it was forced to promote several of its remaining Wolf Guard to the position of Jarl (Wolf Lord) in order to maintain several independent task forces. In this case, Bulveye may well be a Wolf Lord of the 13th Great Company, but probably not the Wolf Lord.


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