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Blasphemous iconography of the Blood God, Khorne

Kar'voth is a Bloodthirster, a Greater Daemon of the Blood God Khorne. Little is known about this wretched servant of the Blood God. Sometime during the current era the daemon lord encountered Kaldor Draigo, the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights Space Marine Chapter who had been physically cast into the Realm of Chaos and doomed to walk its myriad paths. For an uncounted age Draigo had wandered the terrible landscape, crossing paths with the various daemons of the four Chaos Gods, who sought to either slay him or corrupt him to darkness. Atop the Blood Falls, where the acrid ichor of Khorne's fallen champions tumbled endlessly into the void, Draigo slew the great Bloodthirster Kar'voth in single combat.


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