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Karanak (4th edition)

Karanak, the guardian of the Blood God's Throne of Brass

Karanak is a unique Flesh Hound of Khorne who is the incarnation of Khorne's vengeance against those who insult the Blood God's pride, warriors who break Khorne's creed, and cowards who refuse to shed blood. None can hide from the Blood God's favoured hound. Karanak hunts them all down across the length and breadth of space and time, no matter where they hide or for how long they run. When not hunting, Karanak keeps watch over Khorne's Throne of Brass. Unlike normal Flesh Hounds, Karanak has three heads, each capable of tracking unlucky prey by different means. The first follows the prey's trail through space, the second tracks the scent through time, and the third, the most dangerous of all, can detect its intended prey's thoughts.


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