Kaurava I is the Civilised World that serves as the capital of the Kaurava System. It is the most heavily populated world in the system.

Places of Note

  • Kaurav City: Kaurav City is the capital of the planet and the entire star system. It is part of an immense urban area that stretches through the Dussala and Vyasastan Precincts. It is home to many universities, libraries and a cathedral of the Ecclesiarchy. Kaurav City is a patchwork of new growth and decaying neglect. Fresh structures are raised amongst collapsed, burnt out, and decaying buildings.
  • Dussala Precinct: The Dussala Precinct forms the southern suburban stretch of the great leviathan metropolis of Kaurav City. It is also the central headquarters of the Imperial presence in the star system and the proud home of the 252nd Conservator Regiment of the Imperial Guard. Throughout Dussala, military and civilian life have blended remarkably well: there are few Dussalan families who do not have at least one son enlisted in the 252nd Conservator Regiment.
  • Vyasastan Precinct: The Vyasastan Precinct forms the eastern suburban edge of the immense metropolis that is Kaurav City. Due to the conflict between the Sisters of Battle and the Imperial Guard that broke out in the Kaurav System, the populace of Kaurav City and its extensive suburbs largely fled the civil conflict between two Imperial forces.
  • Sama District: The Sama District is the single metropolis in the barren northern lands of Kaurav I called Sama. It became the Preceptory of the Adepta Sororitas' Order of the Sacred Rose when they arrived in the star system as part of their Crusade. The Sisters of Battle chose this city to serve as their headquarters for its spiritual symbolism: the Sama District was much like the Imperium of Man, likening it to a force for order rising out of a dusty and violent wasteland.
  • Jalaganda Lowlands: The Jalaganda Lowlands of Kaurava I are a busy center of interplanetary commerce within the Star system and is home to the only Ancient Gate on Kaurava I which connects it to the other worlds of the Kaurava System instantaneously through the Warp. The other part of Jalaganda is a humid land of silty rivers, canals, and mud-hut villages.
  • Shakun Coast: The Shakun Coast is a small province by the shore of Kaurava I's Shakun Sea that is famous for its health benefits, and for the wealthy and powerful of the system who tend to have second homes along the water. It has several proper cities, and numerous poor fishing villages. This province is known for its famed museum of xenos and mutant curiosities, which was later closed by Governor-General Vance Stubbs, who deemed it blasphemous.


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