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Icon of the White Scars Space Marine Legion

The Keshig served as the personal Honour Guard of Jaghatai Khan and as his subordinate commanders during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras in the late-30th and early 31st Millennia. The Keshig also served as a bodyguard for the Noyan-Khans (Chapter Masters) who commanded the Ordus (Divisions) of the V Legion. This elite cadre of Astartes warriors was made up of the most veteran and skilled Legionaries to be found in the V Legion, serving as the Legion's elite Terminators. The Keshig was once described as "a whole phalanx of giants in bone-white Terminator plate."

Notable Members of the KeshigEdit

  • Qin Xa - Qin Xa was a senior warrior of the White Scars Legion who served as commander of the Primarch's personal elite Honour Guard of Keshig Terminators. Qin Xa had fought alongside the Primarch in his youth on Chogoris. He was one of the first members to be inducted from Chogoris into the newly renamed White Scars Legion after Jaghatai Khan was reunited with the V Legion and his father the Emperor of Mankind.


  • Scars (Novel) by Chris Wraight

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