Knight Errant

A Knight Errant of House Terryn supporting Ultramarines Space Marines in battle

The Knight Errant Imperial Knight is a mainstay of many knightly houses. Of the varied types of Imperial Knight seen upon the battlefields of the late 41st Millennium, the Knight Errant is best known as a devastating, close-ranged killer -- a tank-hunter extraordinaire. Many an enemy vehicle has been quickly melted to no more than hissing piles of molten slag by the Thermal Cannon slung underneath a Knight Errant's mighty shoulder. Once a foe is sighted, a Knight Errant typically seeks to close the distance -- firing off hissing blasts from its Thermal Cannon as its great strides propel the walker rapidly forward. Thanks to their size, thick adamantium armour and directional Ion Shield, Knights Errant do not hesitate to charge straight into the teeth of the enemy's most potent weapons.

Once amongst its foes, a lone Knight Errant can best an entire tank battalion, shooting and stabbing its way through the enemy formation to leave only twisted ruin and blackened hulls in its wake. The Knight Errant's close combat weapon -- either a Reaper Chainsword or Thunderstrike Gauntlet -- is perhaps more deadly still. When powered by the Knight's mighty servo-engines, either of these weapons can topple even the most monstrous xenos creature with a single strike. Fitted into the Knight Errant's armoured carapace is a Heavy Stubber to scythe down enemy infantry, and its armour-plated feet are more than capable of crushing units beneath its awesome weight.


Knight Errant Voltoris Undaunted

A Knight Errant of House Terryn

Based on the same ancient frame as the Knight Paladin armour, the Knight Errant mark armour mounts an imposing Thermal Cannon in place of a Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon. This terrifying weapon is more than capable of vaporising even the most resilient of armour plate in an instant. Most often employed to hunt down and destroy enemy super-heavy monstrous xenos creatures, Errant mark Knight armours are usually assigned to the more aggressive scions of the knightly houses, and in turn the Errant armours themselves often develop a belligerent anima. Few Errant armours carry the long lineage of many Knights Paladin, as only the most skilled survive for long, though such armours often carry with them a collection of battle honours that few others can match. Some of the oldest Errant armours, veterans of many lifetimes of battle, are so fractious of spirit and spiteful of temperament that only the most iron-willed of scions can master them, bending their bloody instincts to the service of the Household.

In the late 41st Millennium, the Knight Errant is a mainstay of many knightly houses. The strengths of the Knight suit are perfectly matched by the aggressive, charge-the-foe nature of its pilots. Knights Errant often spearhead attacks, and by a battle's end they will have smashed and carved their bloody way into the very thickest of the fighting. Even protected by their armour and Ion Shield, battle damage is common for such venerable engines of war. After each action, the hulking giants are literally crawling with Sacristans, for most knightly households uphold the tradition that post-battle a Knight should not be seen with so much as a single scratch upon its livery. The ancient machines are lovingly cared for, with attention paid to every armour plate and sacred unguents lavished upon every cog. No less scrutiny is spent ensuring that the Knight's personal heraldry is likewise maintained, for the symbols it incorporates proclaim everything that a Noble takes pride in, including his homeworld, House, oaths, rank and his most lauded battle honours.

Unit CompositionEdit

  • 1 Knight Errant


Optional WargearEdit


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