Konor System

The Konor System on the eve of the great Chaos invasion of the Plague Wars in the early 42nd Millennium

The Konor System is an Imperial star system in the Realm of Ultramar in the Ultima Segmentum that is comprised of six worlds circling the blue-white star of Konoris. These six worlds, from closest in orbit of the primary to farthest, include Nethamus, Konor, Astaramis, Vanitor, Drenthal, and Loebos. The system is named for its most important world, the Adeptus Mechanicus Research Station of Konor, though it is also one of the most heavily populated of all the star systems of Ultramar.


During the Great Crusade, Konor was one of the four ruling worlds of the Tetrarchy that governed Ultramar, a status it lost in the millennia after the Horus Heresy but which it reclaimed in the 42nd Millennium after the resurrection of the Primarch Roboute Guilliman and his reorganisation of Ultramar during the Plague Wars. The Ultramarines Chapter's First Captain Severus Agemman was appointed as the new Tetrarch of Konor by Guilliman, and tasked with expanding the territory of Ultramar to the galactic north.

The Konor System came under heavy assault by the Forces of Chaos dedicated to the service of the Plague God Nurgle during the Plague Wars of the early 42nd Millennium.

Fate of Konor Summer CampaignEdit

The Konor System was the location for the 2017 worldwide Fate of Konor Summer Campaign, conducted by Games Workshop to herald the arrival of the 8th Edition of the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop war game. Each week, players at officially-recognised locations around the world, such as various game and hobby stores, would play a series of campaigns set on each world of the Konor System, representing either the Imperial defenders or the attackers of Chaos. Each battle's outcome was then logged with Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 website. The collective outcome of all those battles determined which force ultimately won canonical control of each planet in the system during the Plague Wars.


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