Shadow Captain Korydae

Shadow Captain Korvydae of the Raven Guard Chapter

Korvydae is the Shadow Captain of the 10th Company of the Raven Guard Space Marine Chapter and the Chapter's Master of Recruits. Korvydae is renowned as an efficient raider and saboteur, who uses Scout Marines and Assault Marines to launch devastating lightning assaults against the foe. Despite his formidable skills and stealthy exploits, few outside of his Chapter have heard of him. Shadow Captain Korvydae led the disastrous Raid on Kastorel-Novem against the Orks of WAAAGH! Garaghak. Despite Korvydae's skills and heroism, the Raven Guard lost over 70 Battle-Brothers on Kastorel-Novem, and for his failure Korvydae is now serving a two-year penance with the Deathwatch.


Korvydae is a Veteran Space Marine of the Raven Guard Chapter, entrusted with the command of the Raven Guard's 10th Scout Company. He also served as the Chapter's Master of Recruits, overseeing the vigorous training of new Raven Guard Initiates, but this was a task that Korvydae preferred to delegate to his hand-selected cadre of training-sergeants. Korvydae himself was more often found leading his Scout Marine charges on the ground, working amongst them on their far-ranging scouting and sabotage missions.

Korvydae's long service transformed him into a brilliant raider and saboteur. He lead hand-picked Scout and Assault Squads behind enemy lines, observing and reporting. Much of his work was unseen, but countless enemies have found themselves suddenly beset by one of the Raven Guard's lightning airborne assaults because of the intelligence reports provided by Korvydae and his Scouts. Whilst he does not have Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike's glorious reputation, this was because Korvydae's stealthy exploits, by necessity, remained secretive. While Shrike's heroic exploits have become rightly famous with the Imperium's fighting forces all across the Segmentum Tempestus, Korvydae prefers to remain in the shadows and retain his anonymity.

On Kastorel-Novem, Korvydae led the Raven Guard strike force and planned the raid in detail. It was by his quick thinking and brave actions that many of the Elysian Drop Troops who accompanied the Raven Guard on the mission were saved from the rampaging Orks. Following the raid's failure, Korvydae volunteered for two standard years of service with the Deathwatch as penance for his failings in the eyes of the Emperor.


In combat, Korvydae wears Artificer Power Armour and the Iron Halo, as befits his rank and accomplishments. He also wears a Jump Pack to facilitate his battlefield mobility. His weapons, drawn from the Chapter's Armoury, are a matter of personal choice and change depending upon the tactical requirements of the mission.


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