"When facing Krootox I have three main weapons of choice. Autocannon, autocannon, or autocannon."
— Gunnery Corporal Vatis Jan, 76th Gathalamor Heavy Grenadiers fire support company
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A group of Krootox and their Kroot riders charge the enemy

Krootox are the result of a dead-end branch of Kroot evolution, but like the Kroot Hound they are used by their humanoid cousins as fire support weapons.

History Edit

After consuming the flesh of some particularly strong and barbarous creature, these unfortunate Kindreds devolved into bestial, unthinking brutes, incapable of rational, independent thought. Muscular, ape-like beasts, the Krootox would likely have been hunted to extinction did the other Kroot not find them useful as beasts of burden and war. After taming these creatures, the Kroot saddle them and lashed large, unwieldy guns—essentially oversized Kroot rifles.


They have many qualities similar to the gorillas of Old Earth. In that they are herbivores, move around by knuckle-walking but also capable of bipedal movement, and they are typically peaceful until they feel threatened. Their sheer bulk makes attaching armor to their body a challenge, but most riders find armor unneccesary.

Combat RoleEdit

In battle a Krootox is used as a primitive mobile weapons platform. The Kroot latch a saddle to the back of the Krootox and are guided by a single Kroot rider. A Kroot Gun, effectively a larger version of the Kroot staff rifle, is mounted on the shoulder of the Krootox as a heavy weapon. Krootox are primarily used in the same role as tanks. Charging enemy lines with their large bulk, and absorbing large amounts of enemy fire with their naturally thick hides. Krootox must be supervised by a Kroot Herder to remain combat effective. If they were left unattended, the Krootox would simply wander off the battlefield.

Krootox are most commonly seen individually accompanying a small group of Kroot warriors on the frontline, providing cover fire for the Kroot to advance under and close with the enemy. Once engaged, the Krootox and rider will either hold back and provide heavy fire support, or charge into the fray, scattering any foes unfortunate enough to stand in the way. On occasion, the Kroot mass several Krootox together to form a nigh unstoppable vanguard of muscle and sinew, laying down a withering hail of gunfire and smashing through even the most heavily fortified positions.


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