An Eldar Lasblaster

The Lasblaster is an Eldar Laser Weapon utilised exclusively by Swooping Hawks Aspect Warriors. Eldar lasers use psychically grown crystals to refine their already intense bursts to their optimum potency. Many Eldar consider Laser Weapons the most elegant of all, exulting in the fact that their technological mastery extends even to light itself. These include the Swooping Hawks Aspect Warriors, who have transformed the practice of pinpoint laser fire into an art in itself. Their Exarchs lead them in this deadly technique, utilising sustained fusillades of deadly light to overwhelm their foes. The Lasblaster is lower in strength than other Eldar weapons but has a range advantage that suits it to assault troops.

Notable Lasblaster VariantsEdit

ELD SwoopingHawk Lasblaster

A Cloudsweeper variant Lasblaster

  • Cloudsweeper - The Cloudsweeper is a variant Lasblaster that fires in three-round-bursts , unlike the traditional single shot Lasblaster. It sacrifices a modicum of accuracy for rate of fire. Those Swooping Hawks who use Cloudsweepers like to strike from high above their targets, placing themselves in minimal danger of actually being shot at. From time to time they may find their wings "clipped," so to speak, and they're forced into close combat.
  • Hawk's Talon - A Hawk's Talon is a much more powerful version of the Lasblaster, with more damage per shot. The Hawk's Talon is used exclusively by Swooping Hawk Exarchs.


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