The Legio Crucis is a Loyalist Titan Legion of the Collegia Titanica, the most powerful arm of the military-minded servants of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Very little is known about this obscure Titan Legion, including even which Forge World it hails from. The Legio Crucis ' existence in the 41st Millennium has thus far only been verified as one of the constituent units within Battlegroup Geratomro in 398.M41.

Legion HistoryEdit

Virtually nothing is known about the Legio Crucis' past.

Notable CampaignsEdit

  • The Geratomran Reconquest (398.M41) - Bled dry by the continuous demands placed on it by the Adeptus Ministorum, ever in need of men to fuel the Macharian Crusade, the Industrial World of Geratomro secedes from the Imperium of Man. Drawing together several depleted taskforces, the Astra Militarum assembles a powerful Battlegroup from the survivors of former Battlegroups Kalidar and Dentares, including a single depleted maniple of Titans from the Legio Crucis. Initially brought in to cow the rebellious Imperial Governor -- Governatrice Missrine Huratal I -- into submission, the Titans of the Legio Crucis saw actual battle against an unidentified Traitor Titan Legion when it became clear that the Geratomrans had allied themselves with the debased Traitor Space Marines of the Emperor's Children. The fighting for Magor's Seat, the planetary capital of Geratomro, left the Warhound-class Titan War's Gift as the sole survivor of the campaign.

Notable TitansEdit

  • Ultimate Sanction - Reaver-class Battle Titan deployed as part of Battlegroup Antares. Operating alongside War's Gift, Ultimate Sanction was the only Battle Titan of the Legio Crucis to be deployed to Geratomro. Hopelessly outgunned by the enemy, Ultimate Sanction nevertheless took to the field, the Imperial Guard hoping that the enemy would take the bait and thus allow a trio of its Shadowswords to ambush and destroy the enemy Titans. Ultimate Sanction duelled and ultimately sacrificed itself to defeat a far heavier Warlord-class Battle Titan which is believed to have been salvaged and reconsecrated by the Adeptus Mechanicus in the aftermath of the Geratomran Reconquest.
  • War's Gift - Warhound-class Scout Titan. Sole survivor of the fighting on Agritha IV and Geratomro.
  • War's Messenger - Warhound-class Scout Titan. Destroyed fighting the Eldar on Agritha IV.

Notable PersonnelEdit

  • Princeps Yolanedesh (deceased) - Princeps of the Ultimate Sanction and commanding officer of the Legio Crucis' maniple on Geratomro. Slain by enemy Warlord during the capture of Magor's Seat.
  • Princeps Gonzar - Princeps of the War's Gift.
  • Princeps Almodovar (deceased) - Princeps of the War's Messenger, slain on Agritha IV.

Legion AppearanceEdit

Legion CouloursEdit

The colours of the Legio Crucis are not listed in current Imperial records.

Legion BadgeEdit

The badge of the Legio Crucis is not listed in current Imperial records.


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