UM vs. Word Bearers Termi

A Locutarus Storm Squad fighting a traitorous Word Bearers Cataphractii Terminator during the Battle of Calth

A Locutarus Storm Squad was an elite specialised assault formation utilised exclusively by the Ultramarines Legion during the 30th and 31st Millennium. These elite units were maintained in small numbers by the majority of Chapters within the Ultramarines Legion, and deployed particularly in vanguard and strike formations. Each warrior of the Locutarus had been selected from the line assault squads having proven themselves the most skilled, courageous and ferocious of their brethren. Where the assault units of many other Legions were known for their savagery or even outright bloodthirstiness, the Locutarus were universally of a disciplined and exacting mien. They practiced the arts of sword- and pistol-play with precision, their strikes perfectly timed and placed to maximum effect.

During pitched battles, Locutarus Storm squads were often held as reserves, their commanders waiting until the perfect moment to commit them to the battle, and in one single charge tip the outcome in favour of the Ultramarines. The Locutarus were superbly equipped to fulfil this role, each bearing an artificer-wrought Power Sword which served as a mark of honour and courage as much as a lethal tool of war.

Unit CompositionEdit


Optional WargearEdit

Optional Wargear (Locutarus Strike Leader Only)Edit


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