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Lycanthos Drift Campaign

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Lycanthos Drift Campaign
Maelstrom - Ultima Segmentum

Departmento Cartographicae map detailing the Maelstrom Zone - Ultima Segmentum

Attacker Astral Claws, Celestian Guard, Fire Hawks, White Scars, Death Korps of Krieg and Kol-Sec Imperial Guard regiments
Defender Human Heretics
System Lycanthos System
Sector Maelstrom Zone
Segmentum Ultima Segmentum

The Astral Claws Space Marine Chapter moved to intervene in the closing stages of of the long-running and infamous Fourth Quadrant Rebellion in 780.M41, answering a general call to arms amongst the Astartes of the region. They despatched a powerful force under the direct personal command of the Astral Claws Chapter Master Lufgt Huron, undertaking the campaign against one of the last major stronghold systems of the revolt located to the galactic south of the Maelstrom Zone. At the gathering of Imperial forces Lufgt Huron was elected battle leader of a number of Astartes contingents by common consent of a mixed task force comprising companies from the Astral Claws, Fire Hawks, White Scars and Celestial Guard Chapters, backed by Death Korps of Krieg and Cal-Sec Imperial Guard Regiments and the Titans of Legio Venator. The Fire Hawks' Chapter Master Stibor Lazaerek was bitter that he was not given command of the campaign, and is known to have born a grudge against the Astral Claws from this time forward. Under Huron's inspired command the task force ruthlessly purged the heavily fortified star system of Traitor and Chaos forces in under a year, with Huron himself gaining fame for leading a successful attack against the so-called "widowmaker" bastion gate on Lycanthos Secundus; this was an almost indestructible redoubt garrisoned by the noisome forces of the Bleak Brotherhood. The conflict, undertaken while elsewhere the political discord of the Badab Schism was still building, confirmed Lufgt Huron's reputation as a masterful strategist amongst Space Marine commanders.


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