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ca. M19 Rise of the Navigators Navigator families, initially controlled by industrial and trade cartels, become individual forces in their own right.
186.M19 Mon Lo Harbour The mysterious coalition of aliens that opposes Chaos, known as the Cabal, builds a star port over the planet Nurth over the course of 18 solar months. This is one of many constructed halting sites on the many worlds that formed the Cabal's long, orthotenic routes across the galaxy. When human colonists arrive at Nurth, ignorant of the outpost's original purpose, they name the flooded starport Mon Lo Harbour.
ca. M19-M24 The Ailing Eldar Pantheon The worship of the traditional Eldar Gods begins to wane among the people of the Eldar empire as new sects and secret societies rise to power. The Dark Muses, many of whom are synonymous in Eldar culture with sensual vice and uncontrolled, hedonistic sin, become the unofficial figureheads and figures of worship in the new order.


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