• 209-299.M2 Birth of the Ragged Knight - The daemon known as the Ragged Knight is born in the Warp.
  • 066.M2 Battle of Hastings - The famous Battle of Hastings fought in northwestern Europa on Terra, beginning a long series of events culminating in the onset of the Industrial Revolution.
  • ca. 500.M2 Awakening of the Chaos Gods - The three elder Chaos Gods -- Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle, respectively, have awakened to full consciousness by the end of the Terran European Middle Ages.
  • ca. 500.M2 The Visconti di Modrone Deck of Cards Printed - The ancient Visconti di Modrone deck of Visconti-Sforza cards that eventually comes into the possession of Chief Librarian Ahzek Ahriman is printed around this time.
  • ca. 750-900.M2 Industrial Revolution - The Industrial Revolution begins in the Western regions of Terra and eventually spreads across the planet by the first decades of the 3rd Millennium. The economies of the nation-states of Terra begin to rapidly expand with the onset of industrial production and the rapid scientific discoveries that mark this period. However, the Industrial Revolution also breeds new problems for Mankind, including unequal distribution of resources, extreme environmental degradation, and rapid shifts in cultural values that lead to societal strife.
  • 914-918.M2 World War I - First industrialised global war known as World War I begins in the Western regions of Terra.
  • 939-945.M2 World War II - Second industrialised global war, called World War II, a conflict even more devastating than the first, engulfs Terra.
  • 945.M2 The Nuclear Age Begins - Detonation of the first human-developed atomic weapon. Fission-based nuclear power soon becomes widespread on Terra as do stockpiles of nuclear weapons.
  • 945.M2 Recruitment of Damon Prytanis - The mysterious group comprised of various alien races known as the Cabal recruits the Terran Perpetual who will one day come to be known as Damon Prytanis. Having lived many untold lifetimes, he is an ideal choice to become an agent of the Cabal, to battle the forces of the Primordial Annihilator. Throughout many ages of human history he works as an assassin, and shows utter loyalty to the Cabal and their cause.
  • 946.M2 First Computer Created - The first digital computer, called UNIVAC, invented by humans on Terra in the long-lost ancient city of Philadelphia.
  • 961.M2 First Human in Space - First human being, Yuri Gargarin, crosses Terra's atmosphere and orbits the planet.
  • 969.M2 The Moon Landing - First human landing on Luna.
  • 971.M2 First Space Station Built - First human space station, called Salyut, is placed in orbit of Terra.


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