ca. M18-M20 The Twilight Cults Those Eldar leading the new paradigm of total self-indulgence and the pursuit of hedonism rise in status and power within the Eldar empire until they can secede entirely from the Eldar settlements in realspace. They take up permanent residence in the Webway, from which they can plumb the depths of their decadence undisturbed by the puritans and weaklings among their own kind who warn of the dangers of such a path for the future of the Eldar race. Over time their sovereign estates within the Labyrinthine Dimension grow into entire sub-realms of the Webway, each of which is powered by the energy of a sun stolen from realspace. The star systems plunged into darkness by the Eldar's sun-theft wither and die in the freezing cold of the void, condemning millions of species to death, but the Eldar care nothing for the damage they cause.
ca. M20 Expansion of Human Colonisation Mankind spreads across the stars, becoming widely dispersed and divergent. There is evidence of many wars, but none that threatened the stability of human space. The existing records list xenos enemies long since extinct, along with more familiar names such as Eldar and Orks. Interplanetary trade was established and great fleets carried goods to and from the ends of the galaxy. As human planets became overpopulated, the recently invented construction mediums of plasteel, plascrete, ferrocrete and rockcrete were used to build colossal cities: the proto-hives.


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