ca. M23 The Knights Stand Alone Influenced by the programming of the mental links provided by the Thrones Mechanicum of their Knight suits, the aristocracy of the feudal societies established on each Knight World remain conservative and most are instinctively mistrustful of any psykers in their midst. As a result, many of the Knight Worlds resist the madness that grips so many other human colonies at this time. Though daemonic possessions and devastating psychic backlashes do indeed threaten many Knight Worlds, the military strength of the Knights and their rigid societal organisations largely serve to protect them. The ancient records of many knightly houses bear reference to this troubled time, of Knights duelling gigantic Warp entities or battling knee-deep against an endless tide of daemons from beyond the veil of reality.
Sodallagain System Discovered The remote Sodallagain System is discovered. It is located near the Perlian Sector, which is in the vicinity of the Damocles Gulf in the Ultima Segmentum.
ca. Late-M23 Decline of the Age of Technology By the end of M23 there was widespread anarchy, descriptions of what must be Daemonic possessions and great turbulence in the Warp. Some records also cite betrayal by the machines and a great war with robotic armies. Whether factual or allegorical, the histories leave no doubt on one point -- the golden age of Mankind's technological development had come to a spectacularly swift and brutal end.


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