ca. M19-M24 The Ailing Eldar Pantheon The worship of the traditional Eldar Gods has largely waned among the people of the Eldar empire by this time as new sects and secret societies have claimed the majority of the Eldar's devotion. The Dark Muses, many of whom are synonymous in Eldar culture with sensual vice and uncontrolled, hedonistic sin, become the unofficial figureheads and figures of worship in the new order.
ca. M24 Squat Homeworlds Isolated What will eventually become the Squat homeworlds near the galactic center are cut off from the rest of interstellar human society in the late 24th Millennium as large Warp Storms begin near the galactic core, preventing interstellar trade and communication. These worlds possessed unusually heavy gravity but were rich in strategic minerals needed by the interstellar human confederacy of the Age of Technology. Cut off for the next 5,000 Terran years from the rest of Mankind, the people of these worlds will adapt through both natural means and genetic engineering to their planets' local environmental conditions, becoming known as the Squats. This period sees the formation of the Squat Leagues.


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