M32 to M35 Golden Age of Jericho With the wider Imperium swelling to a peak of power and influence, the Jericho Sector is but one of many that bloom into a renaissance of power and achievement as scores of Imperial worlds of every type are raised up from the rubble of past failures and the un-trodden soil of alien worlds in Mankind's name. The Jericho Sector becomes both a bastion and exemplar of Imperial civilisation and majesty carved from the cold wilderness of space with a burgeoning population that quickly soars into the hundreds of billions. The Jericho Sector is a hub of Imperial commerce and industry with its bloody past all but forgotten, a realm of piety and devotion whose renown is such that it is spoken of on Terra as a gem of Humanity's domains. Its goods are sought after as far afield as blessed Ultramar and distant Espandor. With the passage of millennia the power and fortunes of the Imperium wax and wane, but the Jericho Sector manages to remain strong and prosperous despite the vicissitudes of war, invasion, and petty disaster. However, the dawning of the 35th Millennium heralds both a darkening of the sector’s fate and the coming of the Deathwatch into the known histories of the Jericho Reach.
Mid-M34-Late M35 Nova Terra Interregnum The Nova Terra Interregnum, also known as the "Time of Twin Empires," was a troubled period in Imperial history when the Imperium of Man fractured for a time into warring factions for over 900 standard years during the mid-34th through the late-35th Millennium. During this period, the rebellious Ur-Council of Nova Terra dismissed the authority of the High Lords of Terra and claimed separate rule over the Imperium's Segmentum Pacificus.
ca. Early M35 Echoes of Old Night Warp Storm activity sharply increases across the entire Imperium, and anarchy descends upon worlds isolated by this instability of the Immaterium.
ca. M35 The Grimoire Hereticus The tome known as the Grimoire Hereticus, which compiles detailed information on the Legiones Astartes that turned Traitor during the Horus Heresy, is written.
Battle of the Broadsword The Tallarn Desert Raiders Imperial Guard regiments suppress the Chaemos Rebellion.
The Scouring of Tigrus The Ork Warlord Arrgard the Defiler scours the Forge World of Tigrus, causing untold damage and destroying the Standard Template Construct (STC) designs used for constructing the Vanquisher Cannon.
The Moirae Schism During the dark days of the Nova Terra Interregnum, this conflict tears apart the Adeptus Mechanicus, dividing the Machine Cult in a way unseen since the Horus Heresy. Known as the Moirae Schism, the servants of the Cult Mechanicus were split in two by a doctrine that claimed to be able to read the future in minute fluctuations in the blessed Astronomican. Furthermore, the future the schismatics read in the wave functions spoke of a future age in which the Cult Mechanicus and the Ecclesiarchy were merged as one unified creed adhered to by the entire Imperium. Needless to say, neither body would countenance such a thing and internecine war soon split the Adeptus Mechanicus in two. As a result, the Forge World of Moirae is blasted to dust, but not before the schism spreads throughout the Cult of Mars, the Titan Legions and several Space Marine Chapters with close ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Over two thousand standard years of bloody strife pass before the baleful doctrine is considered fully purged.
000.M35 Ecclesiarchy Wanes The power of the once-mighty Ecclesiarchy wanes.
200.M35 Ecclesiarchy moves to Opheliva VII Ecclesiarch Benedin IV announces the Adeptus Ministorum's Holy Synod will move to the Cardinal World of Ophelia VII from the Ecclesiarchal Palace on Terra.
257.M35 Raid on Nova Terra The Dark Angels Chapter, following the trail of the mysterious Cypher, are led to believe that at least one member of the newly declared Ur-Council of Nova Terra is the notorious Fallen Angel. A daring Ravenwing strike assaults Nova Terra, but fails to apprehend any prisoners.
267.M35 The First Martyr The first known accessible Imperial record pertaining to the Deathwatch's Watch Fortress Erioch in the Jericho Sector appears at this date: Balthazar Ho'Tsun, Master of the Watch, Captain of the Imperial Fists, died in an action in the Slinnar Drift. The enemy engaged by the Deathwatch and the other forces involved were not recorded.
344.M35 The Doom of Angelis Initial Imperial surveys of Necron tomb complexes on the world of Angelis (later renamed Gorkamorka). Some time later in the 35th Millennium, an Ork Space Hulk crashlands on Angelis, burying the humans alive around the temples. The survivors descend into savagery, becoming the Diggas. Necrons converted the Diggas into Pariahs to assist repulsion of the Orks.
359.M35 Exploration of Angelis Imperial Explorators gain access to deserted Necrontyr tombs on Angelis.
437.M35 Red Dawn of Iriad IV The Industrial World of Iriad IV is attacked by World Eaters Chaos Space Marines. Elements from the Ebon Knights Space Marine Chapter under the command of Captain Revellion respond to the threat of Chaos. The confrontation ends in the destruction of the Khornate Berzerkers, however Captain Revellion is driven insane and kills his surviving Battle-Brothers. Iriad IV's remaining population was evacuated and the planet was declared Perditas by the Inquisition.
495.M35 Hrakon Campaign The Segmentum Pacificus is the centre of unrest during the Nova Terra Interregnum and the Dark Angels Chapter's Inner Circle continues to follow the many clues that have led them deep into the internecine fighting in the region. Known to the Dark Angels as the Hrakon Campaign, they systematically seek out Obidiah Hrakon, the despot ruler of an upstart planet which has been pivotal in its support of Nova Terra. In the Veiled Region, the Dark Angels finally corner Hrakon, who takes refuge on a piratical port world. Seeking to ensure that none escape, the Dark Angels blockade the planet and unleash the entire Deathwing. Deploying in sequential teleportations, the Terminators prosecute an epic slaughter until only a single foe is left alive -- Obidiah Hrakon -- once a Standard Bearer for the ancient Dark Angels Legion. Refusing to give up, Obidiah is subdued after a duel with the Grand Master of the Deathwing and is transported back to The Rock to face the tender mercies of the Interrogator-Chaplains. His death is not an easy one.
500.M35 Return to Terra Greigor XI becomes Ecclesiarch, and declares the Ecclesiarchy will return to Terra. The Cardinals oppose his proposition, citing the institution's heavily-entrenched position on Ophelia VII. Tithes are increased in order to finance the decade-long relocation to and improvement of the Ecclesiarchy's palaces on Terra.
566.M35 The Unseen Death The [CENSORED] Space Marine Chapter is declared Excommunicate Traitoris for their high crimes against the Imperium. As a result, their goods and chattels are also declared forfeit by Inquisitorial order as they themselves are under sentence of death. The Feral World of [CENSORED] is therefore put under close scrutiny by the Deathwatch of Watch Fortress Erioch according to this order, and thereafter this world is subject to Exterminatus, its presence removed from all maps and charts of the Jericho Sector.
598.M35 The 8th Founding The 8th Founding of Space Marine Chapters was raised in 598.M35. This Founding of Astartes Chapters included the the Angels Revenant and the Mantis Warriors , in which the ancient text known as the Libris Gloriana speaks of the latter Chapter, "...the line of the great Khan, by his sons the Marauders." This suggests that the Mantis Warriors are of the Jaghatai Khan's genetic bloodline, as the Marauders were a Second Founding Successor Chapter of the White Scars.
700.M35 Cleaving of the Black Wings Five entire companies of the Black Wings Chapter renounced their vows of service, turning upon their brethren at the height of the Chapter's centennial Ritual of Remembrance. The battle that followed saw hundreds slain and several Strike Cruisers destroyed, and laid waste to much of the Chapter's fortress-monastery before the Renegades were finally driven off. The cause of this base treachery was never fully ascertained, although some came to suspect a deep seated Warp taint that took root in the Chapter's soul centuries before, slowly twisting the Chapter's rituals and doctrines. The Black Wings Chapter changed its livery, painting half of its crimson armour black until such time as the Renegade brethren are hunted down and made to pay for their heinous crime.
762-765.M35 Defence of Holon Prime A Tallarn Desert Raiders scout squad, "Lurenz's Gravediggers," harass Eldar forces on Holon Prime.
789.M35 Land's Vision The Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator vessel Land's Vision makes the first discovery of the primitive Tau upon their homeworld of T'au.
831.M35 The Barbarus Incursion The Black Templars Chapter took part in an unknown campaign known only by its name -- the Barbarus Incursion. Following this campaign all records pertaining to it were sealed and declared Inconcessus (forbidden).
867.M35 Serpents of Menimshemash On the Eldar Exodite world of Menimshemash, the daemons of Chaos enter through the "World Spirit." This crystalline psychic network criss-crosses the world, joining all of the Exodite settlements and housing the souls of the dead from the last five thousand Terran years, much like a Craftworld's Infinity Circuit. Tzeentch's domain in the Realm of Chaos permeates the World Spirit and erupts from its deep pathways; monstrous crystalline serpents spew form waves of horrific daemons. The world is aflame with the fires of change before the next moon rises.
973.M35 Grief of Herodin The Decimator Daemon Engine is first recorded in Imperial space during the Grief of Herodin campaign. The machine is traced back to the works of the heretical Sepketraal cult, thought destroyed during the Great Scouring four millennia earlier.
975.M35 Cataclysm of Souls The Ecclesiarchy attempts to rebind the sundered Imperium during the Nova Terra Interregnum, into a religious state that transcends political differences. Billions die in the religious wars that follow when the Ur-council of Nova Terra rejects the Ecclesiarchy's teachings, unleashing a terrible new civil war, the likes of which have not been seen since the Horus Heresy.
975.M35 Dark Angels and the Cataclysm of Souls Still operating largely in the Segmentum Pacificus during the Nova Terra Interregnum, the Dark Angels take part in the fierce fighting of the Cataclysm of Souls. In addition to putting down those who reject the authority of the High Lords of Terra and the Ecclesiarchy, they search for signs of the Fallen. It is a civil war the likes of which the Imperium has not seen since the Horus Heresy.
977.M35 A Fortress Breached The Ultramarines' Battle Barge Excelsior is embroiled in battle when its Geller Field fails during translation from the Warp into realspace. The blessed metal of the titanic fortress-ship becomes permeable, and before long, a numberless tide of daemons pushes its way from the walls, floor and ceiling to fall upon the Ultramarines Astartes inside. Excelsior never rematerialises into reality.
980.M35 Hrud Rising The Dark Angels take part in the task force cleansing the Hrud infestations that erupt across the Imperium at this time. With two of their three assigned sectors cleared, The Rock disappears as the Dark Angels leave the campaign to pursue their own objectives. The Chapter Master of the Ultramarines files a complaint with the High Lords of Terra about the Dark Angels' behaviour, although no action is seen to be taken in response.
990.M35 The Burning of the White Palace A series of Deathwatch Kill-teams are despatched to the world of Vanir in the Jericho Sector and perform a surgical strike against the Imperial Planetary Governor and his administration. The Kill-teams purge the Governor's palace of all life and then detonate a series of inferno devices that reduces it and the surrounding seven square kilometres of the planet's surface to cinder ash. This event leaves an indelible mark on Vanir's history, and enters the mythos of the native population of Vanir as the "Wrath of the Black Angels." This incident creates an enduring legend that survives even the later collapse of the planetary civilisation and into the present day.
991.M35 The 21st 'Cursed' Founding The 21st Founding, known also as the "Cursed" Founding, was the largest Founding of Space Marine Chapters since the Second Founding. The focus of this Founding was perfecting and removing the existing, identified deficiencies in flawed Adeptus Astartes gene-seed, and ultimately the production of new and improved Primarch-like Space Marines as part of what was called "Project Homo Sapiens Novus". Unfortunately, the Adeptus Mechanicus' Genetors proved far less skilled in the genetic sciences than the Emperor of Mankind, and their efforts resulted in the development of seriously flawed gene-seed that was used to craft the organ implants for the new Chapters of this Founding. The Inquisition and the Space Marines alike refer to this Founding as the "Cursed Founding," and with good reason. Many now consider those Chapters created under its auspices as tainted from their very birth. Although some Chapters among those of this Founding were spared a devolution into something no longer human or sane, its mark is still upon them in the eyes of their fellow Space Marines, many of whom grew to shun these Chapters, regardless of their undoubted loyalty to the Imperium and noble defence of its people.


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