A Magos Dominus of the Ordo Reductor mounted within a scarab-like Abeyant, a hovering conveyance used to traverse the battlefield

A Magos Dominus is a senior Magos of the Mechanicum. The Magos of the Priesthood of Mars are the masters of much of what remains of the vast and potent secrets of the Dark Age of Technology. To them the pursuit and preservations of the arcane mysteries of science and circuit are of far greater worth than petty wealth, worldly power or the lives of their fellow men. A Magos may live for centuries, prolonging their life through arcane science and progressive cybernetic conversion, willingly becoming something other than human as they seek to fulfil the Omnissiah's will.


The Magos Dominus is a master of the arts of the Legio Cybernetica, a sect of the priesthood of Mars granted the dread right to create and control the coretx-automata built for war and based upon the terrible secrets of the Dark Age of Technology. Such strange and threatening powers are not without price, and by doctrinal tradition such individuals forgo an easy route to power within the Mechanicum, so dangerous do their fellows consider the secrets they wield. Instead Magos Dominus and their acolytes form but one of the many factions and sects within the Mechanicum, divided both by technological specialisation as well as rivalry and ancient feud, each vying for power, knowledge and resources beneath the outward unity the organisation displays, shrouded as it is by impenetrable mystery and arcana. Those found within the ranks of the Taghmata serve a vital role but are seldom the most powerful of their kind, who can instead be found in the command of the Legio Cybernetica. Instead they served the Magos Prime either under terms of personal fealty or in fulfilment of binding pacts of mutual support between their Legio Cybernetica cohort and the Archimandrite who stands as the power behind the Taghmata.


  • Power Weapon
  • Laspistol
  • Cortex Controller - An arcane device and wonder of the Mechanicum's arts, comprising the reasoning control centre and animating machine-spirit of a Battle-automata.
  • Refractor Field - This device is a defensive shield generator designed for personal protection. They encompass the wearer in an energy field or force barrier which serves to refract or deflect impacts and energy discharges, although the need for the wearer to move and fight, as well as their power consumption prevents them from being anywhere near inviolable to attack.

Optional ItemsEdit

  • Abeyant - Considered in part as a symbol of status as well as a functional tool by many high-ranking Magos of the Mechanicum, an Abeyant is a name given to a general class of hovering conveyances into which the rider's augmetics and life support systems are directly connected through bionic linkage, so that the machine-vehicle becomes an extension of their own body. Many of the higher-ranking Dominus of the Legio Cybernetica and the Ordo Reductor prefer to take to the battlefield mounted on specially outfitted Abeyants. Often taking the form of either a stylised throne or enclosing scarab-like framework, their principal advantage are that their mag-suspensor fields allow the most war-torn battlefield to be traversed with ease, and their armoured life-support chassis greatly improves their user's survivability.
  • Augury Sensor
  • Mechanicum Protectiva - This term covers a variety of energy field and defensive shield projectors devised by the Magos of the Mechanicum to protect themselves both on the battlefield and from assassination by their rivals. For this reason, the frequency and modulation of each device is a closely guarded secret.
  • Cyber-Familiar - Utlised by the Adepts of the Mechancium, cyber-familiar is a term that encompasses a variety of semi-autonomous devices such as Servo-skulls, mek-spiders and other smaller drone units and lesser haemonculites tied into the direct neural control of their operator. These minion-drones are an extension of their master's will and provide them with a host of additional senses and capabilities.
  • Melta Bombs
  • Infravisor
  • Servo-Arm - A servo-arm is a heavy industrial claw-limb and manipulator array often directly spliced into a Magos Adept's nervous system. As well as making a powerful tool, they can also be wielded in battle as a clumsy but savagely powerful weapon.
  • Machinator Array
  • Conversion Beamer
  • Rotar Cannon - These weapons are multi-barrelled Stubbers, using electric motors to maintain an extraordinary rate of fire from their spinning barrels. The simple, medium calibre solid slug projectiles they fire lack the power of bolt shells, but the hail of shot they unleash can be particularly useful against unarmoured hordes of foes and fleshy xenoforms.
  • Meltagun
  • Graviton Gun - Little understood even by the Tech-priests of Mars, this weapon is part of a group of gravity projector devices whose sophistication is such that the few that now remain are relics of a lost age. Such weapons prove extremely useful when fighting on a starship or in a null gravity environment.
  • Rad Cleaner
  • Photon Thruster - A specialised weapon used by the Mechanicum's Myrmidon Destructors, the arcane secrets of these deadly beam weapons are jealously guarded by the adepts who hold them, even from their own brotherhood. When fired they unleash howling, needle-thin beams of utter blackness able to pierce the densest matter. These tenebrous beams slash and slice armoured men and machinery apart like razors, leaving pulsing waves of darkness in their wake.

Optional WargearEdit

  • Bolt Pistol
  • Volkite Serpenta - Part of a class of arcane powerful ray weapons whose origins date back to the Age of Strife. Possessed of considerable killing power surpassing most armaments of their size, Volkites are difficult to manufacture, even for the most able of the Mechanicum's forges, and the demands of the expanding Great Crusade swiftly overwhelmed supply of these relic-guns.
  • Archeotech Pistol - One of the more common types of relics from Mankind's ancient might and arts that survived the stifling darkness of Old Night, these relics are sidearms of surpassing firepower and elegance.
  • Photon Gauntlet
  • Plasma Pistol


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