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Marauder Livery



Second Founding (31st Millennium)

Successors of

White Scars

Successor Chapters

Mantis Warriors




Jaghatai Khan

Chapter Master

Kyublai Khan




Imperium of Man


Yellow and Black

The Marauders are a Loyalist Space Marines Chapter and a Second Founding Successor Chapter of the White Scars according to the Apocrypha of Davio, written in the 33rd Millennium. Little else is known about them in Imperial records save that the Mantis Warriors Chapter, which grew infamous during the Badab War, was created from the gene-seed of the Marauders.

Chapter HistoryEdit


Marauders Chapter Colour Scheme

Notable CampaignsEdit

  • Relief of Ferax Hive (071.M41) - When Hive Ferrax on Thracian Primaris falls prey to a cannibal cult uprising from the lawless underslumps, a number of nearby Chapters muster in response. Under Commander Zha'Khan of the Marauders Chapter, the Thracian Response Force deploys to the wasts about the hive. Maddened by hunger having scoured the interior of prey, the cannibals surge outwards in a vast horde and are subsequently destroyed by the massed guns of the Space Marines.
  • Reconquest of the Zypher Sub-Sector (204-224.M41) - For almost 300 years the Ork empire of WAAAGH! Arbutz ruled the Zypher Sub-sector and was left unmolested, until a campaign of re-conquest was finally begun in 204.M41. The re-conquest was led by troops of the Raven Guard, Marauders, Eagle Warriors and Revilers Space Marine Chapters, supported by over two-dozen Imperial Guard regiments. In a long, hard fought campaign, these troops battled to reclaim the planets lost to Warlord Arbuttz, until finally in 224.M41 the Zypher Sub-sector was declared free of the taint of alien infection.
  • The Diata Purge (858.M41) - Chapter Master Kyublai Khan leads the combined might of the White Scars and the Marauders Chapters against a fell host of Chaos Space Marine Renegades.
  • The Orphean War (992.M41) - With the awakening of the Necron menace within the Orpheus Sector, the Marauders diverted one of their Battle Companies to bolster the imperial counter-attack of battlegroup Salvation. Alongside the entirety of the Minotaurs Space Marine Chapter, this company would serve during the Battle of Amarah, eventually grinding the Necron advance to a standstill. Yet,the losses incurred in the campaign were so terrific that the Orphean War was considered lost, and the entire Sector revoked by special edict of the High Lords of Terra.

Chapter AppearanceEdit

Chapter ColoursEdit

The Marauders' primarily wear yellow coloured Power Armour. The Aquila or Imperialis on the chest plate is black in colour. A black coloured squad specialty symbol on the right shoulder guard designate operational specialty -- Tactical, Devastator, Assault or Veteran. A white coloured Roman numeral is stenciled in black in the centre of it, indicating squad number. A black Roman numeral stenciled on the centre of the left knee guard indicates company number.

Chapter BadgeEdit

The Marauders' Chapter badge is a black coloured sword with its blade surrounded by a nimbus of red coloured flames, centred on a field of yellow.


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