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Martellus portrait

Techmarine Martellus of the Blood Ravens

Martellus is a Techmarine who served aboard the Blood Ravens Strike Cruiser Armageddon. Martellus served under the Blood Ravens Force Commander Aramus throughout the Tyranid invasion of Sub-sector Aurelia during the First Aurelian Crusade. During the climactic battle on Typhon Primaris, Martellus was aboard a Thunderhawk gunship supporting the Space Marines on the ground. The Tyranid horde eventually overwhelmed the gunship, forcing it to crash-land deep of the jungle, where the gunship crashed on the less infested highland. Assumed lost to the Chapter, in fact, Martellus was the sole survivor of the crash. Alone in the Tyranid-infested jungle, rendered immobile and with no means of communication, over the course of several months Martellus worked feverishly to repair the severe damage to his cybernetic enhancements in order to regain his mobility.

A year later, during the Second Aurelian Crusade, wounded and with minimal ammunition ( Martellus spent the previous year fighting his way to the Astronomic Array, which his Chapter had previously utilised to scan the tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan), he finally managed to transmit a message to his Chapter that was later received by both the forces of the 3rd and 4th Companies guarding the sub-sector. A small deployment of 4th Company Astartes was sent to extract Martellus along with the data from the Astronomic Array. Ten years later, Martellus would be amongst the few Loyalist Blood Ravens fighting alongside Gabriel Angelos against the majority of their own Chapter which had been corrupted by the foul influence of Chaos.

Canon ConflictEdit

In the game Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising, it is revealed that Techmarine Martellus is one of the five characters who might turn out to be the traitor among the Blood Ravens, depending on how the game is played.

However, in the following game Dawn of War II - Retribution, it is indicated that Martellus was in fact, not the traitor. He returns as one of the 4 playable heroes in the Space Marine Campaign. During the Campaign he along with Cyrus attempt to prove their chapter master's corruption to Honor Guard Captain Apollo Diomedes. Strong willed and stubborn Diomedes refuses to believe them, until events transpire that cannot be ignored. In a twist the fourth member of their squad the Ancient, who has taken a vow of silence turns out to be Sargent Tarkus. Eventually Martellus and the others are able to prevent Kyras's rise to demonhood.


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