Varying from a medikit to a full-fledged diagnostic computer, the Imperial Medi-Pack generally helps a medic to heal wounded or ill troopers in a battle zone. Sometimes in particularly vicious and dangerous war zones, medics will have to scrounge for medical supplies and beg for drugs from aid stations and passing Munitorum cargo transports. The Narthecium is a medi-kit/medi-pack used by Space Marine Apothecaries and are automated units. They carry drugs and equipment that is geared for the hardier constitution of a Space Marine, and thus can be dangerous to use on normal humans. The Narthecium also includes a Reductor, which allows the Apothecary to withdraw the precious gene-seed from a fallen Space Marine so that the Marine's gene seed returns to the chapter. Sister of Orders Hospitallers have a scaled-down version of the Space Marine Narthecium, useable on normal human anatomy - and, in the service of the Inquisition, for torture. Many an Imperial servant has had reason to thank the gentle touch of the Hospitaller, and many an Imperial enemy has had bad experiences with this 'gentleness'.

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