"I have erred, and so I must atone.
I lived when I should have died,
For my punishment I must
become Immortal.
My deeds alone remaining.
Oath of the Immortals, The Rite of Ferrus Manus
IH Medusan Immortal

An Iron Hands Medusan Immortal, Morragul Clan-Company (Legionary Name Redacted)

The Medusan Immortals were a specialised unit of the Iron Hands Legion that existed during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras during the 30th and early 31st Millennia. They were comprised of those Iron Hands Legionaries who had failed their Primarch's rigid standards and bleak code in battle. Whether tasting defeat by the fickle whims of fate or laid low by a wound too terrible to bear, the Medusan Immortals Squads were the forlorn hope, a final chance at glory and redemption where the battle was at its fiercest and the risk of survival, even for an Astartes, was at its dimmest.



An Iron Hands Veteran Sergeant leading his Medusan Immortals Squad in a lethal charge

During the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras, the strength of the Iron Hands pseudo-feudal system of organisation created a highly disciplined and motivated force which both despised and punished failure and weakness. This created an environment in which the most competent and strongest-willed rose quickly within the ranks, and those who did not make the measure were quickly weeded out. For those Legionaries who had failed their unforgiving father's rigorous standards, by tasting defeat in battle or being laid low by grievous wounds, there remained only one course of action if their own fame or record did not afford them the license to carry on without the scorn of their brothers; the ranks of the Medusan Immortals. The Immortals were the Legion's Forlorn Hope, a final chance at glory and redemption where the fighting was thickest and survival wasn't likely, even for a Legiones Astartes. When an Iron Hand was made an Immortal, their Primarch stripped them of rank and title. Reforged, their new calling was a badge of shame to all in their Legion, and they lost their old identities. Armed and armoured principally as Legion Breacher assault units and featuring a high level of cybernetic rebuild among them, the Immortals bore no symbols of their Clan or Legion, save its numeration and the black-on-white death's head symbol which proclaimed their mortal intent. It was their lot and their pride to fight and die with steadfast, cold fury, never breaking ranks, marching relentlessly into the jaws of hell.

After the Dropsite Massacre of Istvaan V, the ranks of the Medusan Immortals swelled to unprecedented levels, the Legion having split into a number of disparate elements, their Primarch dead and the Clan-Council slain. Those declared Immortal within the notorious Morragul Clan-Company were allowed to fight alongside their brethren, presenting a genuine opportunity to achieve absolution not just in their own eyes, but in those they had failed. Most unusual, the Medusan Immortals of this Clan-company were allowed to display the "red talon" icon of the Morragul -- up until this point all Immortals were stripped of Clan-company markings upon induction.

Unit CompositionEdit

Dedicated TransportEdit



A pair of Medusan Immortals armed with Storm Shields and a Bolter and Graviton Gun respectively

Optional WargearEdit

Optional Wargear (Veteran Sergeant Only)Edit


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