A Missile is a one-shot rocket usually tipped by an explosive warhead that often serves as a powerful anti-tank weapon and is used by a wide variety of the intelligent space-faring species of the Milky Way Galaxy. Missile Launchers are used by the Space Marines, the Imperial Guard, the Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas, the Forces of Chaos, the forces of the Inquisition, the Orks, and the Tau. Missiles come in several variants which include some of the following: Krak (anti-vehicle), Frag (anti-infantry), Flak (anti-air) and Hunter-Killer (a Krak Missile outfitted with a special set of sensors and a guidance package that allows it to home in on targets more accurately). Some Tau missiles have advanced artificial intelligences built into them, providing them with a limited form of Drone intelligence that allows them to more accurately acquire their targets and steer themselves.

Imperial Missile TypesEdit


The three most commonly used Imperial missile types, from top-to-bottom: Frag Missile, Krak Missile, Flakk Missile

  • Astartes Anti-Plant Missiles - Astartes Anti-Plant Missiles are a stronger variant of the standard Imperial Anti-Plant Missiles. They release a vicious cocktail of toxins, viral agents, defoliants, and anti-fungal agents on detonation that reduce even the heartiest flora to a foul-smelling muck in minutes. Typically used to deny cover and to clear landing zones and fortification sites.
  • Blacksword Missiles - Utilised exclusively by the Dark Angels Chapter's elite 2nd Company, Ravenwing. The Blacksword Missile is designed to fit under the wings of the Nephilim Jetfighters. These missiles take their name from the ominous black contrails they leave in their wake, and are used primarily to bring down enemy flyers and light ground vehicles.
  • Concussion Missiles - Concussion Missiles are outfitted with powerful high explosives and are very effective at breaking up entrenched enemy fortifications. Concussion Missiles are much beloved by the Battle-Brothers of the Imperial Fists garrisoned at Watch Fortress Erioch in the Jericho Reach while serving a term with the Deathwatch.
  • Flakk Missiles - Flakk Missiles are designed to serve as anti-aircraft munitions so that when they explode they release a specially-shaped charge containing shrapnel intended to pierce the often lightly-armoured airframes of enemy aircraft. A Flakk Missile can be outfitted with heat-seeking or radar-based targetting packages.
  • Frag Missiles - Frag Missiles are designed to explode on impact with any surface, raking the immediate area with lethal shrapnel composed of aerodynamic metallic shards. Though Frag Missiles are primarily intended to be used as anti-infantry weapons, they can also be deployed effectively against light vehicles. Frag Missiles are often ineffective against heavily armoured infantry.
  • Incendiary Missiles - Incendiary Missiles are commonly employed to flush out enemies in entrenched cover. Incendiary Missiles contain a slow-burning Promethium distillate that ignites when the missile explodes. The Promethium will also continue to burn in the area for a significant time after the missile has detonated.
  • Krak Missiles - Krak Missiles are primarily intended to serve as anti-vehicle weapons, and contain a high-strength shaped charge with a relatively small blast radius that causes massive damage to anything it hits with minimal collateral damage. Krak Missiles are also very effective against heavily armoured infantry, bunkers and other armoured or fortified static targets where their concentrated explosives will often punch holes straight through armour. However, a Krak Missile's small blast radius makes them impractical for use against most infantry and moving targets.
  • Plasma Missiles - Plasma Missiles are the larger incarnations of Imperial Plasma Grenades and are highly effective against most foes. A single salvo of Plasma Missiles can easily turn enemy troops into a smoking crater. It is for this reason, however, that the user of Plasma Missile weaponry must take care when firing one of these dangerous weapons to make sure that he and his comrades are sufficiently out of harm's way. Plasma Missiles utilise a deliberate plasma containment failure that erupts into a blast of white-hot energy upon impact. The dense plasma core of the missile is rarely entirely consumed in the initial explosion and will leave behind a glowing, energised orb that acts like a miniature sun that leaves the immediate area of the impact unapproachable for some time. Plasma Missiles are especially effective against vehicles as the plasma core can quickly penetrate most vehicles' armour.
  • Stormstrike Missiles - Stormstrike Missiles detonate with a thunderous boom that leaves those caught in the blast radius reeling and disoriented.
  • Other Types: Missiles are extremely versatile and can potentially carry any conceivable type of warhead, including: Virus, Vortex, Smoke, Gas, Tanglefoot, Haywire, Stasis and Photon Flash warheads.

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