A Mole Launcher used by the Death Korps Engineers

A Mole Launcher is a specialised Missile Launcher that is used by the Death Korps Engineers of the Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Guard regiments as well as other Imperial Guard Engineers. The weapon fires special explosive ammunition known as Burrowing or Breaching Torpedoes that are capable of digging through almost any obstacles and detonating on the other side. The torpedo itself is an advanced weapon that carries a powerful drill in its nose that enables it to burrow through rock and earth. A Breaching Torpedo is also outfitted with a small Power Field emitter which lets the torpedo slice through rock very quickly, and a guidance system, linked to the Engineer squad's control panel, which is used to manually guide the torpedo to its target. Once the target is located, the torpedo burrows up to the surface and explodes, allowing the Death Korps or other Imperial Guard regiments to unleash surprise attacks from beneath a vulnerable enemy-held bunker or building. The Mole Launcher can also be used to blast an opening into an enemy tunnel or trenchwork and cause a sudden, catastrophic collapse.


  • Imperial Armour Volume Six - The Siege of Vraks - Part Two, pg. 95

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