Monglor Ogryn

An Ogryn of the Monglor Ogryn Auxilia

The Monglor Ogryn Auxilia are an Ogryn Abhuman Imperial Guard regiment that hails from the troubled world of Monglor. Monglor recently has become a great source of consternation, as a large percentage of the Ogryn population has traitorously rebelled against the Imperium and even now fights fiercely against the Angels of Redemption Space Marine Chapter hastily redirected onto the planet. The one regiment remaining loyal to the cause has been consigned to the battle for the hive city of Helsreach on Armageddon, where questions of loyalty become secondary in the face of overwhelming invasion. The Abhumans seem to be devoted to the Emperor's cause and have exhibited great valour and force of arms, however they will remain under full surveillance indefinitely. There is little other information on this obscure Abhuman regiment in official Imperial records.


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