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The Mythos Angelica Mortis is a tome of ancient knowledge listing the fraternity of twenty Space Marine Chapters, collectively called the Astartes Praeses, which had been created for the sole purpose of guarding against incursions from within the Eye of Terror following the Great Scouring. In the current 41st Millennium, seventeen remain dedicated to this duty. The Archenemy had annihilated one Chapter and, more shocking still, two others had been branded Excommunicate Traitoris.

Though no comprehensive list has ever been assembled, the current known and past members of the Astartes Praeses include:

Progenitor Chapter
Angels Eradicant Unknown Unknown Unknown
Black Consuls (Destroyed) Ultramarines Second Founding 31st Millennium
Brothers Penitent Unknown Unknown Unknown
Crimson Scythes Unknown Unknown Unknown
Excoriators Imperial Fists Second Founding 31st Millennium
Iron Talons White Scars Unknown Unknown
Knights Unyielding Unknown Unknown Unknown
Marines Exemplar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Night Watch Unknown Unknown Unknown
Reclaimers Unknown Unknown Unknown
Relictors (declared Excommunicate Traitoris) Unknown (Presumed to be the Ultramarines and the Dark Angels) Unknown Unknown
Sons of Malice (declared Excommunicate Traitoris) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Subjugators Imperial Fists 23rd Founding or 24th Founding 41st Millennium
Viper Legion Unknown Unknown Unknown
White Consuls Ultramarines Second Founding 31st Millennium


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