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The Navigator's Quarter is a large district of the world-city that is Terra that is entirely given over to the aristocratic families of the Navis Nobilite. The Navigator's Quarter is home to some of the stateliest palaces the hand of Mankind has ever raised. Almost every Navigator House maintains an estate in the Navigator's Quarter. By ancient tradition, even those ruins of once-great edifices belonging to disgraced or extinct Houses are left as they were when their last masters departed. Thus, amidst the opulence there can be seen tragic reminders of Navigator Houses cast down or lost to the passage of time and war, the skeletal ruins of their once majestic palaces crumbling away beside the still-standing splendour of those of their rivals remaining in existence. In many cases, however, Terra is not the centre of a Navigator House's power and their mansions are maintained there only as a matter of form. The interests of most Houses are spread far and wide across the Imperium, as befits an organisation whose fortunes depend upon their expertise traversing the countless Warp routes of the galaxy. It is not uncommon for various Navigator Houses to concentrate their resources more in one region of the galaxy than in others, and so most sectors of the Imperium are host to the central holdings of at least one, and possibly several dozen, Navigator Houses.

Palace of the NavigatorsEdit

The Paternova of the Navis Nobilite permanently resides in the Palace of the Navigators which dominates the centre of the Navigator's Quarter. From the moment he or she is installed, the Paternova never leaves this palace. The staff, soldiery and other retainers of the Palace of the Navigators are all drawn from the Paternova's own Navigator House, and are all replaced with each new Paternova who assumes the office. From this throne on ancient Terra, the Paternova guides the destiny of the Houses, ensuring their place of power within the galaxy. The chief amongst a Paternova's servants is the Paternoval Envoy, who often serves as one of the High Lords of Terra, representing the interests of the Navis Nobilite on the Senatorum Imperialis.


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