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Night Watch
Night Watch SP




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1000+ Astartes



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Imperium of Man


Black, Cobalt Blue & White

"There may come a time when men have forgotten all of the glories of our age, forgotten even the Emperor, may He forgive me for saying. But this I swear. When all else is dust and all other names are forgotten, the name of our Chapter shall endure, and through it, so shall we!"
— Chaplain Harak, Adeptus Astartes Night Watch, prior to the loss of the entire 5th Company at the Battle of Silver River
Night Watch 2nd Co

Night Watch Chapter Colour Scheme

The Night Watch is one of the Loyalist Space Marine Chapters founded as part of the Astartes Praeses, the 20 Chapters of Astartes created to defend the regions surrounding the Eye of Terror in the Segmentum Obscurus. The Night Watch is a Chapter of unknown Founding and origin. The Night Watch's homeworld is the planet Silence which lies to the direct galactic north of the Eye of Terror. The Night Watch is unlikely to be a firm adherent to the Codex Astartes since it fielded 11 companies during the 13th Black Crusade campaign. Most Chapters have only a maximum of 10. The current Chapter strength is greater than 1000 Space Marines.

Chapter HistoryEdit

Notable CampaignsEdit

Chapter AppearanceEdit

Chapter ColoursEdit

The Night Watch primarily wears black coloured Power Armour, with the helmet and shoulder guards being coloured a cobalt blue. The trim of the shoulder guards is also black. The Aquila or Imperialis on the chest is silver in colour. The white coloured squad specialty symbol (Tactical, Assault, Devastator, or Veteran) is indicated on the right shoulder guard. A black coloured Roman numeral centered in the middle of the squad specialty symbol indicates squad number. The symbol on the left knee pad indicates company number in accordance with Codex-approved heraldry.

Chapter BadgeEdit

The Night Watch's Chapter badge is a white coloured, stylised lit candle with a large red skull sitting in the centre of it.


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