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Servant of the C tan by MajesticChicken

A Necron Lord equipped with a Nightmare Shroud

A Nightmare Shroud is an offensive Necron technology which appears as a small, black cask often found carried by Cryptek Psychomancers. When opened, the worst terrors of a thousand aeons are unleashed on the bearer’s foes. These terrors assail nearby enemies with phantasms of dread as potent as any mortal danger. However, a Necron Lord equipped with a Nightmare Shroud becomes the embodiment of terror; with the worst fears summoned from the pits of nightmare thrust into the minds of all those near him. Palpable waves of horror are emitted from his metal-skinned monstrosity, and all who look upon him will find their courage tested to their very limits.

A unique variant of the Nightmare Shroud was forged by Ut-Hekneth the Unsleeping during his million year madness. This Nightmare Shroud to the form of a virtually indestructible cloak, each scale formed from quantum-folded layers of void-hardened adamantium bonded with a hyper-flexible energy weave. This is a by-product of its primary design however, which is the project the worst excess of Ut-Hekneth's madness upon his enemies, assailing them with phantasms of dread as potent as any mortal danger.


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