"Da Sergeant Major asked me what my job was an' I said it was to, uh, do what I was told. He said I was a genius and gave me another medal. I likes da Imperial Guard!"
— Nork Deddog, Ogryn Bodyguard
Nork Deddog

Portrait of Nork Deddog

Nork Deddog is a legend in his own lifetime, an Ogryn whose fighting abilities as an Imperial Guard soldier are almost as astonishing as mental development that can only be called precocious for one of his race. Due to his unusual mental acuity, he quickly came to the attention of the Commissars of the Imperial Guard and Nork soon found himself placed on special duties. Nork's reputation for loyalty is unsurpassed and his skills as a bodyguard have been in high demand by Imperial officers across the galaxy.


Nork was selected by the Schola Progenium to serve in the Imperial Guard due to his ability to write his name (N is for Nork), count (to four), and even speak fluently and understand orders without hesitation or difficulty, this being a rare milestone in Ogryn development as the majority of Ogryns would find these tasks very difficult, if not impossible. He was taken out of the normal stream of Imperial Guard warfare and underwent biochemical neural enhancement (possibly the same process used in the creation of Bone 'eads) as well as extensive martial training. Nork was then assigned as the Ogryn bodyguard of Colonel Greiss, the commanding officer of the II Catachan Regiment of the Imperial Guard. Nork is a genius by Ogryn standards, and is also the only Ogryn to have ever been assigned directly to serve a Commissar. He was assigned to guard the life of Colonel Greiss and did so faithfully. The sight of the colonel and his Ogryn bodyguard became a familiar one during the II Catachan's four-year-long campaign on Balor; the bone-thin colonel bawling out his orders whilst shells burst around him and bullets ricocheted off Nork's dense skull.

Nork Deddog2

Nork Deddog - Ogryn bodyguard

Colonel Greiss implicitly trusted Nork with his life, which has been saved by his loyal bodyguard and friend on many occasions, most notably at the Disaster at Breakback Hill, where Nork pulled an entire damaged Chimera transport vehicle across the battlefield when asked by his commander to simply retrieve a medi-kit. He then carried his wounded leader out of battle and to safety whilst being shot at by thousands of enemy troops and seemingly feeling no pain. On another occasion Nork carried the badly wounded Catachan commander back from the disaster at Hill-Gamma Zero. When Ork Warboss Uglurk Gitsmasha and a mob of his hardest Meganobz charged the Imperial Guard's command dugout, Nork Deddog was the only one to stand his ground beside Sub-overlord Ven Vambold. Nork killed the massive Greenskin Warlord with a single headbutt of such extreme violence that the remaining Orks were totally awestruck and retreated rather than face the angry Ogryn in further combat.

Nork's own body has proven time and again to be the most effective shield an Imperial Guard officer can have against enemy fire. Nork will do his utmost to protect his master from harm, even going so far as to throw himself in front of enemy fire. On the world of Follax IV, Nork selflessly leapt on top of an enemy grenade that would have otherwise killed Commander Richep, crushing both the grenade and the Grenadier who threw it to a bloody pulp beneath his massive bulk. The resultant explosion was muffled by Nork's body -- the Ogryn bodyguard seemingly noticed his resulting shrapnel wounds with only passing curiosity. Nork has personally saved the lives of over a hundred Imperial Guard officers and by doing so has been instrumental in securing victories on dozens of worlds. Though the Ogryn has a large collection of medals, laurels, citations and personal gifts, Nork cares not for trinkets and baubles. He continues to serve rather for the content feeling he gets when fighting alongside a good friend.


  • Carapace Armour
  • Ripper Gun - The Ripper Gun is an enormous drum-fed automatic combat shotgun developed for the exclusive use of Ogryn serving in the Imperial Guard. At short range, the deadly hail of low velocity shot produced by a Ripper Gun is so dense that it is all but impossible for the Ogryns who wield it to miss their targets.



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