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"Well, yer gots yer Boyz, ‘den you gots yer Oddboyz, see? ‘Dey’s called ‘dat ‘cause dey’s, well, a little off in ‘der head if you knows wot I mean. Dey can still loot an’ krump wit’ ‘da best uv ‘em, tho."
— Jezza, Blood Axe Stormboy, speaking to a clan yoof
Mekboy by Mark Gibbons

A Mekboy of the Death Skulls Ork clan

An Oddboy is an Ork who is born with specific information programmed into his DNA that is released into his mind as he reaches maturity. Oddboyz specialise in doing those tasks other than fighting that most other Orks cannot do, although a standard Ork's genetically encoded knowledge allows him to at least keep his weapons in working order. Often there are competitions between individual Oddboyz to see who can make the most Orky item, whether it is biological or technological in nature. There are several different types of Oddboy, collectively called the Oddboyz. Some of these different types of Oddboyz include:


  • Codex: Orks (4th Edition)

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