Ryza 'Helshot' Pattern Plasma Blaster

Ancient pict-file of an Alpha Legion Traitor Legion Ryza "Hellshot" Pattern Plasma Blaster

A Plasma Blaster is a type of archaic dual chamber Plasma Weapon dating back to the Great Crusade era of the 30th and early 31st Millennia. Once a common sight during this bygone era when plasma technology was better understood, in the modern 41st Millennium there are very few examples of this archaic weapon remaining. Plasma Blasters differ from Plasma Guns in that they have a shorter range, but a higher rate of fire due to their double-barrelled design which made them more suited to be used on the move. Plasma Blasters were primarily used by Legion Terminator Squads, though on rare occasions Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts have been known to be fitted with these potent weapons within their Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons instead of the usual Storm Bolter or Heavy Flamer.

The current state of the Plasma Blaster STC is in question, and it is unknown whether this weapon's STC was lost or destroyed during the last ten millennia, or remains in limited use on an as-yet unnamed or undiscovered Forge World.


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