Power Shields

Example Power Shields utilised by various Space Marine Chapters, including (from left-to-right): Crimson Fists, Blood Angels and Iron Fists

A Power Shield is a compact form of Storm Shield often utilised by Space Marine Assault Squads for additional protection in close combat. Power Shields consist of a thin sheet of Plasteel with a very small power field generator incorporated into the design. The generator produces a power field sufficient to cover the surface of the shield and deflect most small arms fire and attacks by melee weapons. The shape of Power Shield varies considerably from Chapter to Chapter. For example, the Crimson Fists favour coffin-shaped shields, while the Blood Angels use a cruciform shield and the Iron Fists bear Power Shields moulded into the form of a medieval gauntlet. Often a cloth banner bearing the Chapter insignia will be hung below the shield, and on ceremonial occasions high-ranking Chapter officials will sometimes be accompanied by a shield bearer outfitted with a Power Shield.


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